Guatemala Book Fair

In the month of July 2019, from July 11 to July 21, The International Book Fair was held in Guatemala City. The headquarters was Foro Majadas in Zone 11 of the capital.

For Urantia Guatemala, it was the opportunity to continue presenting The Urantia Book, making it known to different population segments and sharing its content through conversations—to illustrate the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

Our booth was Stand 101, in which during two weekends, our volunteers interacted with the general public, trying to establish contacts, especially with young people. We consider their curiosity and open minds to be fertile soil to present the concepts of the Truth of the Cosmos, the Beauty of the Universe, and the Goodness of our Beloved Father. During our days of service, we tried to make contact with children and young students who visited the fair.

The majority of the population came to the fair in search of novels and scientific literature. It is strange for some to find The Urantia Book and its spiritual contents at this event. The rejection was obvious in some people, because it disrupts their religious beliefs. However, the young people, especially those who have entered the universities, are seeking knowledge and desire to know new concepts of truth. Our talks with them aroused their interest in the book. They took advantage of these opportunities to offer their contact details for the mailing list and showed interest in participating as new readers and in study groups.

Our booth featured twelve books, of which two were sold and two were donated. In 2020 we will focus our strategy on presentations with young people for young people, with the purpose of penetrating this segment.

I publicly appreciate the participation in the presentation of The Urantia Book of brothers Francisco Vela, César Gonzalez, Ivon de Gonzalez, Sergio López, and Gerardo Leche. Our Universal Father thanks you and embraces with mercy. Peace.