The Association Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is charged with raising money every year to support the service mission projects and operational expenses of Urantia Association International (all officers and committee chairs and members are unpaid volunteers). This committee receives donations by the free will gifts of our generous members, friends of the Urantia Revelation and by the annual tithe received from the National Associations.

Individual donors give over ninety percent of annual gifts. This committee does not determine budgets or project priorities but operates to support the fundraising and donor acknowledgement process by a network of committee volunteers. Our mission is to provide multiple and simple ways to donate to the cause and mission of dissemination with high touch but low key contact with members by postal-mail, email, direct contact, and the website.

The Fundraising Committee welcomes all suggestions and feedback by members and donors related to our fundraising efforts and campaigns. We also welcome all interested volunteers who act as valuable ambassadors for the Association and help us grow for the endless opportunities our mission affords. I hope you will join the many who give money, time, talent, and skill in support of the Association.

As the principal fiduciary of Association funds, I can assure you that our leadership takes our stewardship role very seriously. We are charged with converting the generosity of our donors into meaningful and effective outcomes as directed by our Charter and the global membership. Your donations are the life blood of our mission. We welcome your contributions and encourage each of you to consider giving both time and money as you are able.

With warm regards, appreciation, and in service to our community,

Bradly Tharp
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of Urantia Association International

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