Fundraising Center

We welcome all friends of the Urantia Revelation. Support for this joyful endeavor to share the good news and truth in The Urantia Book is critical to its success.

Urantia Association International is a registered non-profit corporation funded by donations from our global network of members, supporters, and friends of The Urantia Book. We have multiple standing committees and service mission projects developed to disseminate The Urantia Book, its teachings, and to connect the growing worldwide readership with study groups, conferences and symposiums, education and translation services, and this website for personal and organizational interaction.

This Fund Raising Center is designed to facilitate donations and gifts in support of Urantia Association service projects. We welcome your generosity and donations for these programs:

General Administration

Providing maximum flexibility for project planning and budgeting, and the initiation of new projects and priorities as opportunity and funding allows.


Assisting readers who seek a deep understanding of The Urantia Book by fostering study groups, sponsoring conferences and study symposiums, and providing study aids and other educational services.

Development of Teachers and Leaders

Providing opportunities for the development of leaders and teachers well versed in the teachings of The Urantia Book willing to organize, facilitate, and encourage others in a deeper understanding of the book and to organize and facilitate educational events.

Publications and Communications

Producing newsletters, periodicals, journals, and interactive Internet services as well as providing tools for communication among the worldwide membership and interested truth seekers.

Dissemination and Global Seeding of The Urantia Book and its Teachings

Bringing awareness of The Urantia Book to the public arena by providing support to National and Local Associations to participate in local book fairs and expos, donating the book to learning centers such as libraries, colleges, universities, and schools of philosophy, religion and science, including other centers of progressive thought. Donating the book to readers and study groups in developing nations.

Reader Services

Providing a reader referral service, maintaining a database of readers who want to meet with others, fielding phone calls, emails and website contact, responding to questions and inquiries of all kinds.


Insuring a perpetual and growing legacy fund designed to grow over time as all donations to it are added to the principal balance, thereby insuring the Association financial support for generations to come.


Providing information on news, events, study aids, and educational services. Making available The Urantia Book text and search engine. Providing forums for discussion and the exchange of ideas and experiences. Servicing multiple cultures and languages.


Supporting the interactions of global members to meet, interact, organize, and become an integrated team of activists in support of our dissemination project goals where and when financial obstacles prevent attendance otherwise.

Prisoner Inquiry Response Team (PIRT)

Responding to inquiries about The Urantia Book from prisoners, offering assistance in starting study groups.

General & Restricting Giving

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