General & Restricted Giving

General Fund

All donations not otherwise designated to a Restricted (or Program) Fund (see below) are budgeted annually by the International Service Board, based on service project needs and priorities as directed by the Representative Council of Urantia Association.  All members are elected and serve limited terms as unpaid volunteers in service to Urantia Association, its mission, and the membership.  Most service project budgets are dependent on the General Fund which provides the greatest flexibility to the Representative Council and the Board for project planning and budgeting, and the initiation of new projects and priorities as opportunity and funding allow.


Program Funds

All donations designated for one of the following Funds will be held, budgeted, and used only for the purposes described. Some donors prefer the ability to specify which service project they wish to support and we welcome all such designated or restricted donations. All such donations are identified and accounted for by the Chief Financial Officer by financial statement to the Board and Representatives Council for project support budgets annually.

Website Fund

Donations to this fund are used for ongoing operational expenses and future development costs of this website – especially for translation services to make the website a true utility for connecting the growing international membership and community of readers.


Global Seeding Fund

Donations to this fund are budget restricted for international dissemination project support.  This includes delivery of translated books to universities, libraries, book stores, and study groups in conjunction and cooperation with Urantia Foundation.  This includes just-in-time response to get The Urantia Book to isolated regions where there is no commercial book distribution available. Recently, the Association and Foundation have worked together to deliver cases of books to Africa, Ukraine, Phillipines, and South America.  Shipping costs are a key element in such projects.  Supporting local and national Associations in their efforts to form and supply study groups with books, support materials, teachers and organizers, and to participate in book fairs and other sponsored events is our most important service mission.


Prisoner Inquiry Response Team (PIRT)

All donations to this fund are used to send Urantia Books to those who find themselves in the deepest, darkest of places: our nation’s prisons. Since December 2004 a small committee of Urantia Association members have been quietly responding to prisoners who reach out to learn about the Urantia teachings. Over 3,000 inmate letters have been processed and approximately 1,600 Urantia Books have been sent to inmates who write requesting a book. Feedback from the recipients has been tremendous. The PIRTeam has accumulated numerous inspirational letters of appreciation from inmates who testify that The Urantia Book is life-changing and spiritually uplifting. Our hope is that these revelatory teachings will work to transform these individuals and reap untold benefits once they have returned to civil society. The book is offered at its retail price of $19.95 for a softcover edition plus $8.00 shipping. Many who cannot afford the purchase price are offered slightly damaged books for just the shipping charge. Experience has shown that a large percentage of inmates are indigent, with no means of earning money and often no ties to the outside world. For these individuals PIRT donates a book to the inmate.


Endowment Fund

All donations to this fund are held in a separate account and held for long term earnings and protection of principal.  Every year, 5% of the calendar year end balance is given to the General Fund for annual expense and project budget support.  This is a perpetual and growing legacy Fund, designed to grow over time as all donations to it are added to the principal balance, thereby ensuring the Association financial support for generations to come.


Scholarship Fund

All donations to this fund are used to provide transportation, housing, meals, and tuition/event costs for members around the world to attend Association sponsored international conferences and symposiums.  This critical project supports the interactions of global members to meet, interact, organize, and become an integrated team of activists in support of our dissemination project goals where and when financial obstacles prevent attendance otherwise.  All scholarships are awarded based on a rigorous means or needs test, application screening and review process by the Vice President’s Financial Aid Committee of the International Service Board.