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    Dear friends, readers, and students of The Urantia Book,

    This is a reminder that the 8th Session of the Workshop “Leadership and Teaching According to The Urantia Book” is happening next Saturday, November 4th, starting at 12:00 pm EDT USA (9:00 am Arizona, 11:00 am Central Time USA, 12:00 pm Florida, USA and Montreal, Canada; 10:00 am Guatemala, 1:00 pm Uruguay, 11:00 am Lima, 5:00 pm Ireland, Heidelberg, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, Vienna).

    Link to the virtual Zoom room:

    Rick Lyon will present this 8th session on the theme:


    The word “organization” is one of those words that presents a conundrum in our minds. Most of us want organization and praise it when we see it but few of us want to be “organized” by others. We fill out job resumes claiming to be well organized as a positive skill but resist being part of an organization. Even when we are in an organization we often resist the restrictions or the authority necessary for a successful organization.

    In this course we will investigate:

    * Urantia Book concepts about social organizations

    * The spiritual brotherhood and the social organizations

    * The mistake of the apostles and how to rectify it

    * Organization of the twelve and disciples to serve – similarities with today’s social organizations

    We will look at such questions as:

    * What is an “organization”

    * What makes an organization “social”?

    * What is the most important social organization you belong to?

    * What social organizations are discussed in The Urantia Book?

    * What is the future of Urantia social organizations?

    One of the most important services of any social organization is to facilitate communication between members of the organization; to provide for the development of relationships, the exchange of ideas, the coordination of efforts, and the accomplishments of goals.

    While one of the most important functions of any social organization and in particular a Urantia related social organization is communication, the most important thing a social organization can do for it’s own success is to elect or appoint good leaders.

    Objectives of the online Workshops:

    • Analyze and understand the instructions of the Publication Mandate. Determine which aspects of The Urantia Book’s teachings are related to the Mandate’s instructions.
    • Study and understand The Urantia Book’s teachings with the goal of becoming a more effective leader and teacher of the Urantia revelation.
    • Study and understand The Urantia Book’s teachings about the integration of our spiritual and intellectual development—true human progress.
    • Study and understand the meanings and methods of the spirit of religion as portrayed in The Urantia Book.
    • Apply the teachings of unfailing, loving and effective service to all the humanity.
    • Foster friendship and collaboration among students and servants of the revelation.

    Free admission – No registration needed. 

    Love to all,


    For more information please visit

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