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    Rick Warren
    Rick Warren
    Dear Friends:
    I remember thinking while I was reading the Urantia Book that this had to be the challenge of a lifetime for
    anyone determined to turn out a perfect copy – with no typos or grammatical errors. But I think I found a couple things:
    Page 673 – line 4 Shouldn’t that word be Amoeba instead of Ameba? And, on —
    Page 676 – 4th paragraph, where they talk about various bivalve gastropods, including muscles, clams, oysters and scallops, I’m pretty sure they were referring to mussels. Muscles, as we know, refer to the body tissue that allows for movement, while mussels are freshwater bivalve mollusks. But that’s all I found in 2,097 pages! Incidentally, if your copy of the book doesn’t show these, perhaps they were corrected in later editions.
    Found this in Urantia Foundation’s revised version (urantia.org), FritziGal. You caught an error, but it was corrected at some point.
    …The bivalve gastropods have come on down through the intervening millions of years much as they then existed and embrace the mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops.

    And, checking two mid-20th century dictionaries, they show ameba and amoeba as synonymous.

    Good questions, cheers!





    I would like to join everyone in wellcoming  you as well. I think you’ll find the forum challenging and rewarding. It will be a “lifeline” if you have no other UB readers to talk to. Even if you do, the interaction is well worth the effort required to participate. Good luck!

    By the way, their are many online studygroups available via Zoom as well. You can find more information in the studygroup directory. I’m sure a link is somewhere on this website. If not, it will be on the foundations’ website. As I said, welcome to the forum!



    Dear Friends –

    I’ve often thought that another way to study and learn from the Urantia Book would be to create some little  “games” around it. Adding a lighter touch and injecting some humor often makes it easier to absorb the basic subject matter, while also making it more fun.
    By way of example:
    Members might enjoy the following challenge which tests their own comprehension level of specific passages in
    the text.  If we truly understand what we are reading, we should be able to reduce its core message to a single sentence. You might think of it as Bumper Sticker Philosophizing, but it really works and definitely sharpens the mind.
    Page 64:
    The Father is not in spiritual hiding, but so many of his creatures have hidden themselves away in the mists of their own willful decisions and for the time being have separated themselves from the communion of his spirit and the spirit of his Son by the choosing of their own perverse ways and by the indulgence of the self-assertiveness of their intolerant minds and unspiritual natures.
    Bumper Sticker Version
    If God seems far away – guess who moved!
    When it comes to the Urantia Book, quite often I’m forced to admit that I don’t always “get” the message, and in some cases, I’ve missed the point entirely.  Not because the text is too difficult, but because I’ve fallen into the habit of “skimming” rather than reading and truly absorbing.  The Urantia Book deserves greater respect than that!  And this little exercise has helped me to give it my full attention.
    If anyone else would like to come up with some favorite passage for the rest of us to reduce to its fundamental meaning (according to their own interpretation) this might turn out to be a new Topic that all could enjoy.  We can learn a lot from one another’s viewpoints since we all have our own perspectives, which ultimately expand the vision of all.  FritziGal
Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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