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    Greetings again, Urantia Readers

    Recently, I have felt that my inner spirit takes after Christ Jesus, rather than the Father himself, and inwardly I am searching for the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. Maybe my inner spirit will ultimately include that mystery, and then my experience of the indwelling spirits of the Trinity will be well-rounded.

    Anyway, that inner spirit of the Son of the Father, and my own observations tell me there is a divine “unconditioned” Spirit that is exemplified to some extent in Shaivite Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist beliefs. At the same time, Muslim, Hebrew, and Fundamentalist Christians represent to my logical mind, the pure spirit of the Deity Absolute Creator/Father. So I see the three spirits of the Trinity, universal in mind, subtly different but united in Spirit, and threefold in personality (see “Trinity – the Soul of One God” at ).

    I have made a personal choice to adopt the spirit of Jesus. I try to act as if his spirit were my indwelling advisor, adjuster, monitor, conscience, superego, daemon, inner oracle, or whatever you want to call this spirit influence in my soul. I’ve studied religions, and I love the flavor of the spirit of Jesus, as one of the three tastes of the Trinity. Jesus is not my personality, he is my religious spirit. And my mind tells me that the Trinity concurs with the metaphysics of creation

    In the UB, Jesus said the hope of humanity lies in a “religion of the spirit – the religion of personal spiritual experience.” 155:6:8, p.1732A. Jesus said, “I have come to proclaim spiritual liberty to the end that mortals may be empowered to live individual lives of originality before God.” 141:5:1, p.1591C. Here, Jesus also couples “free personality and spiritual originality” with “spiritual unity.”

    Comparing world religions and his “ennobling… religion of person spiritual experience,” Jesus concludes, “The spirit which my Father and I shall send into the world is not only the Spirit of Truth but also the spirit of idealistic beauty.” 155:6:8, p.1732D.

    The bestowal of Thought Adjusters almost certainly starts out as the “exclusive prerogative” of the Creator, but it is in the sharing of powers that the Trinity exists. Might not the indwelling spirit of large portions of humanity be from the Father, through the Son, and even shared through their mutual Spirit? Yes, because the Trinity encompasses free personality and spiritual originality, within the metaphysical constraints of spiritual unity.

    Jesus said “all mankind is indwelt by the same divine and eternal spirit.” 155:6:8, p.1732A. And this is true when speaking of the Trinity, which is one unified spirit, yet three spirit-persons.

    That the spirits of the Trinity are shared with humankind, in terms of major religions, is clear. But in terms of human beings themselves, genuine spiritual proclivity may often be obscured by personal taste and mental habit, to say nothing of cultural influences.

    Samuel Stuart Maynes


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