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    Richard E Warren
    Richard E Warren


    Imagine you die and, three days later, awaken in Resurrection Hall on Mansion World one. Your eyes pop open. You draw your first breath, then another, deeper one. You’re standing erect, focusing on balance. Two beings are there to steady you, one on the left and one on the right. You somehow know they could be none other than your Guardian Angels.

    Suddenly your mind is flooded with images. Your faithful and beloved Adjuster has arrived with the transcripts of your memories of life on Urantia. It begins to dawn on you that this is Resurrection Hall and you are alive again, but now in a different body.

    This new unification of body, mind, soul, personality, and Adjuster is an intense event of wonder and awe, also one of rapid adjustment. Next, the two angels move directly in front of you. They move in very close; you feel embraced like never before.

    Simultaneously with that embrace you strongly sense the presence of your indwelling Thought Adjuster, your Paradise Partner. Adjuster memories of your previous life are filling your mind, fast as you can assimilate them. As the moments pass, the eternal significance of this event is coming together in your new mind. How pristine and vast that mind is! In all eternity you will never forget this day of awakening. You have indeed survived and are now breathing and living on another world. How wonderful, how great, how fulfilling!!

    Along with your Guardian Angels there are several other beings gathered around who seem vaguely familiar. Some you may have known on Urantia, some not. You feel so very warm, energized, confident and fearless, but you need time to adjust; it is overwhelming, so many pictures flashing in your mind. It’s a story, your story! Events of life on Urantia are quickly sorting and connecting in your new mind. You’re remembering and reassembling experiences in ever greater detail and establishing their chronological order.

    Your family, where are they? You want to ask, but the words don’t come. The angels seem to be mumbling at you. What are they saying? Gradually you’re becoming adjusted to this reality but your mind is foggy for an instant, then clear, then foggy again. Clarity begins to dominate and your spirit starts to soar on the expanding realization of resurrection.

    After a moment, more focus comes and you shift attention to your Guardians. Their faces are so lovely and well defined. You realize they’re somehow helping awaken a multitude of memories. So many are coming at once. Your soul is flying ever higher at the realization of the vindication of your faith in God and Michael, your belief in continuing life, the validity of the Urantia Book revelations about resurrection on Mansonia, your guardians, and your Adjuster. With every moment’s passing you’re more fully aware of being a soul survivor, an Agondonter from Urantia, newly awakened on Mansonia. All you can think at that moment is, ‘thank you God, thank you Michael, thank you Mother, thank you angels.’

    Again, you attempt to speak, wanting to say, ‘breathing is incredible!’ With each breath you feel powerful energy coursing through your marvelous, strong, pain-free, highly sensitive, nascent body. The smell of the air is truly rich. You think but can’t quite say: ‘what a lovely aroma here.’ Looking around you notice everything is beautifully clean, sparkling and intricately appointed. The floor and low walls are made of lustrous metals, inlaid with jewels and gems vastly diverse in hue and form.

    Every being in sight is aglow with an unmistakable and warm luminescence. The sky is a magnificent vault of deep blue, without a shining sun, a moon, or a cloud. As you gaze over the resurrection scene, the angel on your left puts before you what appears to be a three-dimensional mirror. You watch closely as the image rotates, then in complete amazement you think, ‘Dear God! That is ME?!’ You know it has to be you, but what a change. This body is young, smooth, and straight. Vision and hearing are superb. Next you take note of your hands and feet, wiggling your fingers and toes; they are perfectly formed and very sensitive. On your body is a light wrap, a beautiful super-shimmering fabric—a sort of morontia material you reckon.

    Morontia, that word! You’re feeling like a super version of your old self, one you had only imagined back on Urantia. You look in the mirror again, touch the image and utter the words, “This is me, morontia me, I am alive, I AM ALIVE!”

    Everyone standing around says in unison, “You are!” You can communicate, you can hear and be heard, and in a language you understand! All is coming together now; greater and greater perspective is accumulating with each passing moment. You are most certainly awake and alive in Resurrection Hall. But where is your family? Why are they not here to greet you? Have your grandparents, parents, dead cousins and earth friends not survived? Many questions are surfacing in you nimble new mind. You look at the faces around you and begin to sense that some are your grandparents, your old friends, your mentors, only they are all young and smiling brilliantly. Immense gratitude fills your being, you swell with joy, and you blurt out loudly, “Thank you, God!!!”


    I truly enjoyed imagining our resurrection on Mansion 1, writing a novel about our next life based in the revelations of The Urantia Book. Resurrection Hall – A Mansion World Odyssey, is now available in print, ebook, also in Spanish, French, and German.

    Other Urantia-based novels:

    The Gardens of Eden – Life and Times of Adam and Eve, is now available in English, Spanish, French and Audible:

    The Melchizedek Mission – Salvaging Truth, unveils the mystery of the second most important person in Urantia’s history, Machiventa Melchizedek.

    The First Humans – Andon and Fonta, reveals the facts about our first parents and their enduring legacy. It is available in an ebook version, and the audio version is free to Audible, Spotify, and Itune members.[url][/url]

    Battlefield Guardians – Angels in Vietnam, is a story of a soldier who receives revelations from the angels during the night season.

    Midwayers – The Planet’s Permanent Citizens:

    No photo description available.

    Richard E Warren

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