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    Richard E Warren
    Richard E Warren

    Is the home study group dead? I don’t know, but do know online study groups are alive! Yesterday there was a six-and-a-half hour Zoom meeting, sponsored by Urantia Foundation, Urantia Association, and Urantia Fellowship. It drew more than 130 readers from all around Urantia. And not all were gray-haired, many younger readers attended. It was a true love and worship fest with a diverse set of seasoned leader/presenters.

    There will be another Zoom marathon meeting next Saturday called “Urantia Hackathon 2020.’ This one will be an eight hour event, and the focus will be applying the teachings in the age of Covid. It will be historical, memorable, and free! Event registration here:

    The blurb:

    Urantia Hackathon 2020 A Spiritual Response to the Pandemic United in Creative Loving Service — Seven teams with members from more than 20 countries in four regions of the world will be hacking practical solutions to post-crisis challenges, inspired by The Urantia Book. Everyone is welcome to participate! You will be able to interact in five languages with teams through room chat moderators and vote at a plenary session for the best solution or winner hack of the day!* JULY 18, 2020 — Online *In English.

    For more details, send a message to or via WhatsApp to +41 79 949 3064 or +972 54-459-25

    Two minute Youtube intro:

    Richard E Warren

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