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    how deep and unfathomable is the supernal Ancestor of all things!”

    As you progress through Orvonton and Havona, as you leave behind you the vivid picture and deep memories of the Creator Son of your local universe

    The cosmic mind unfailingly responds (recognizes response) on three levels of universe reality. These responses are self-evident to clear-reasoning and deep-thinking minds

    And how deep is that friendship which grows up between the lowest personal creature from the worlds of space and these high personal beings native to the perfect spheres of the central universe! Ascending mortals, in their long and loving association with the Havona natives, do much to compensate for the spiritual impoverishment of the earlier stages of mortal progression.

    Entirely different from all of these is the deep sleep of metamorphosis, the transition rest from one stage of being to another, from one life to another, from one state of existence to another, the sleep which ever attends transition from actual universe status in contrast to evolution through various stages of any one status.

    Mortals may employ words to conceal their thoughts, but these high seconaphim lay bare the deep motives of the human heart and of the angelic mind.

    To us, this phase of humor derives from the deep-seated and abiding ability to draw upon the past for memory material with which pleasantly to flavor and otherwise lighten the heavy loads of the present.

    two of the volunteering group — an Adam and an Eve of the senior corps of Material Sons — are selected to undertake the adventure, to submit to the deep sleep preparatory to being enseraphimed and transported from their home of associated service to the new realm of new opportunities and new dangers.

    And then as I reflect on and try to concieve of the infinity of God as TUB suggests we attempt I read this while reading about the Infinite Sprit:

    “The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” Now where does that take your minds imagination?

    Mark Kurtz

    Hello Nelsong,

    I never thought of myself as a deep thinker, but lately, with an increasing good feeling, I am wanting to think more deeply on just about any topic.  TUB has inspired this new desire.  I want to be in harmony with the Spirit and that desire will eventually take a person closer to the the realities of God, be they as many as the person is capable.  There are deep thinkers on this forum and I consider your question and topic to be appropriate and it should be appreciated.

    It seems to me that the more loyal a person wants to be with God, the more the Teacher will share through Spirit agencies and His many Sons.  Just imagine, we can participate in marvelous ways as citizens of the Father’s vast enterprise!!!!!!

    We are all loved and the Father’s invitation to all to “Be perfect as I am perfect” is a stupendous invitation to an enduring and humanly unimaginable marriage with the Father of all.  How deep is that invitation? !!!!!

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