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    Dear Mark,

    Sleeping land. Occupied one third of life’s territories.
    Some coming back from there consider it a wasteland. Others are resuming with fascinating memories. Still an unknown ground, but our physical vehicle needs daily, hit the road in this direction. Apart our car, is it beneficial for us, did our spirit gain valuable facts of those rides?

    Therefore, our souls may be actively deciding for us as we take unconscious nightly sleep! Is that possible?
    Could our souls, relating to our Thought Adjusters, be helping us to love even our enemies while we sleep? post #18847 Mark

    Having experienced personally each of us this perplexing continent. Did we return with something in our luggages?
    Is the fifth epochal revelation’s map have some helpful hints concerning those inevitable, unavoidable, settled trips?


    It doesn’t matter whether we are asleep or awake, character transforming decisions must be made consciously.  The Adjuster can only spiritualize a thought during sleep if it has already been consciously chosen by the personality while awake.  There’s nothing magical that happens while we sleep.


    (299.1) 27:1.1 The instigators of rest are the inspectors of Paradise who go forth from the central Isle to the inner circuit of Havona, there to collaborate with their colleagues, the complements of rest of the secondary order of supernaphim. The one essential to the enjoyment of Paradise is rest, divine rest; and these instigators of rest are the final instructors who make ready the pilgrims of time for their introduction to eternity. They begin their work on the final attainment circle of the central universe and continue it when the pilgrim awakes from the last transition sleep, the slumber which graduates a creature of space into the realm of the eternal.

    (299.2) 27:1.2 Rest is of a sevenfold nature: There is the rest of sleep and of play in the lower life orders, discovery in the higher beings, and worship in the highest type of spirit personality. There is also the normal rest of energy intake, the recharging of beings with physical or with spiritual energy. And then there is the transit sleep, the unconscious slumber when enseraphimed, when in passage from one sphere to another. Entirely different from all of these is the deep sleep of metamorphosis, the transition rest from one stage of being to another, from one life to another, from one state of existence to another, the sleep which ever attends transition from actual universe status in contrast to evolution through various stages of any one status.

    (299.3) 27:1.3 But the last metamorphic sleep is something more than those previous transition slumbers which have marked the successive status attainments of the ascendant career; thereby do the creatures of time and space traverse the innermost margins of the temporal and the spatial to attain residential status in the timeless and spaceless abodes of Paradise. The instigators and the complements of rest are just as essential to this transcending metamorphosis as are the seraphim and associated beings to the mortal creature’s survival of death.




    There’s nothing magical that happens while we sleep. Bonita

    There is the rest of sleep and of play in the lower life orders MidiChlorian

    … I totally agreed with your posts. Thank you.

    I want to bring TUB readers to wonder, arouse your curiosity about this unconscious continent.

    Sciences unfold facts about sleeping, dreaming.

    TUB reveals facts about it.

    Supreme and self-acting Adjusters are often able to contribute factors of spiritual import to the human mind when it flows freely in the liberated but controlled channels of creative imagination. At such times, and sometimes during sleep, the Adjuster is able to … 109:5.1

    The Adjusters do work during sleep, but your ordinary dream experiences are purely physiologic and psychologic phenomena. 110:5.5

    • next paragraphs seems to answer yours inquiries Mark

    Early in evolution sleep was regarded as … Dreams were looked upon as the experiences of the soul during sleep while temporarily absent from the body. 86:5.10

    Loving our enemies” … seems exclusively the domain of T/A.

    “Let your hearts be so dominated by love that your spirit guide will have little trouble in delivering you from the tendency to give vent to those outbursts of animal anger which are inconsistent with the status of divine sonship.” ~     149:4.2

    During those psychologist phenomena is your creative imagination marvel you?

    p.s.( next time, I give you of my awesome creative oneiric imagination ;)


    I’m not sure the psychological manifestations of the creative imagination within the material mind is as important as the role the creative imagination plays in the faith of our souls.  Faith inspires us when the creative imagination is spiritized, given spiritual meaning in the soul. The prayer of faith then unifies this inspiration in an attempt to come closer to spiritual reality, the Adjuster, the one who spiritized it. Therefore, prayer, rather than dreamy sleep, is the best way to discover, recognize, interpret and choose those spiritized ideals lodged within the soul.

    p1459:5 132:3.5 Faith is the inspiration of the spiritized creative imagination.

    p1460:3 132:3.10  Faith fosters and maintains man’s soul in the midst of the confusion of his early orientation in such a vast universe, whereas prayer becomes the great unifier of the various inspirations of the creative imagination and the faith urges of a soul trying to identify itself with the spirit ideals of the indwelling and associated divine presence.


    Once upon a time…

    Dreams I have done who for me have a sweet impression:

    √     Looking as I was a victim in an accident costs my life. And witness of it, I look to see what will happens after death. It stops there.

    √     In a crowd, I saw Jesus and said to myself a nice word about him.

    √     In this one, I was passing a test be qualified… but hard as I tried, it was unsuccessful and as soon as I surrender and consider I’m unable to qualify… I succeed.

    Lucid dream, the dreamer has greater chances to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment.

    Precognition of future events in their dreams.

    √     Who never face a monster intentionally, instead running away?

    √     Who falling from a precipice didn’t decide to fly?

    √     A feeling of “déja vu”.

    Testimonies from internet:

    • In 1971 I had a reoccurring dream, about a room filled with books. I was always in the room looking for a book.
      One day my husband and I decided to go to a Goodwill store on the north side of Chicago. I walked in the bookroom and I knew this was the room in my dream. I started looking through the books and the third book I picked up was The Urantia Book. I looked at the contents and told my husband “This is the book I’ve been looking for. This is why this room was coming to me in dreams.” (Anonymous)


    • Everyone has dreams when they’re younger. I had so many that were just fleeting thoughts that now I don’t remember many of them. One dream I’ve had since I was staff at a Summer Vacation Bible School, when I was thirteen, was to be a missionary. It has been a long time since then and because I stopped regularly going to church at sixteen I thought that would never happen. Well, sometimes God has other plans for your life, even ones you dare not to dream about anymore. Liz Craig, The Urantia Book Fellowship


    • In the dream it seemed I made a decision to go home with God, or as The UB would put it, confirmed a decision I’d already made while fully conscious. This is a tool of communication that your spirit guide can or might use but we must be careful not to overstep ourselves. In another paragraph, the writer cautions, “A human being would do better to err in rejecting an Adjuster’s expression through believing it to be a purely human experience than to blunder into exalting a reaction of the mortal mind to the sphere of divine dignity.” 110:5.5
      In the weeks that followed, more decisions were made following upon the event of the dream that reinforced the guidance as I saw it, a process I find The UB describes clearly.
      Dave Holt UB reader <;

    The Urantia Book lists a number of important dreams. Zoroaster had a dream at Ur that convinced him to return home to his homeland to remodel the religion of his people. (1049) Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, was not convinced that his wife would give birth to a “son of destiny” until he had an impressive dream. (1345) Likewise, Joseph, Jesus’ father, did not become reconciled to the idea that Mary was to have an “extraordinary child” until he had a dream in which a “brilliant celestial messenger appeared to him…”(1347) The so-called “Three Wise Men” went to seek “the light of life” because of the dream of a “strange religious teacher” of their country. (1352) And finally, Pilate’s wife told him of a disturbing dream she had the evening before Pilate gave in to the crowd and sentenced Jesus to be crucified. (1994)

    My point is to demonstrate that sometimes dreams can be out of ordinary scenario involving an effect of contentment. UB do not neglect to reveal significations regarding “Sleeping land”. That’s the reason I put this thread on the forum.

    Dreams have had an important place in the spiritual evolution of mankind… see 86:4.2

    But, the teachings of The Urantia Book largely dismiss the idea that there can be found any profound conscious meaning in dreams. In fact, ascribing meaning to ordinary dreams is not encouraged at all: 100:5.6, 86:5.11
    In “Erroneous Concept of Adjuster Guidance”, we read more about the dream-life as pertains to Adjusters: 110:5.2
    So, we see that the Adjusters may and do work with us in dreams, and I would say that is pretty meaningful in itself, but we are seldom made conscious of it. It is a matter of distinguishing between the subconscious and the superconscious levels of mind. Ordinary dreams are the product of the subconscious, and we are not ordinarily given access to the superconscious ministry of the Adjuster.
    Jesus, in his talk on “Magic and Superstition” taught: 150:3.9, Truthbook Staff

    p.s.(Dear Bonita, in your last message you open a door of consciousness regarding faith, knowing, control and mastering ourself. I’m working a rundown from your inspiration.


    When I try to tell someone my dream the next day, I am incapable of describing it to my satisfaction.  The effort to attempt to share a dream with someone frustrates me.  The other person wasn’t there!  How do you tell someone about a movie they didn’t see! and are not ever going to see? I think dreams are unique and personal.  What dreams mean is up to the individual to figure out, if so inclined.  In general I think dreams can be springboards to self-understanding.   Like King Solomon said – get wisdom, get understanding.


    I belong to a book club. We meet once a month as a group to discuss a selected book.  As it turns, out these discussions delve less into the material of the book and more into personal sharing about topics from the book, as the book serves as a springboard for vocalizing and clarifying meanings and values.  And in the end self-understanding.


    As far as the dream wanderings of the night season?  I trust my heavenly helpers to reinforce that which has value and is savable from them for some purpose unknown to me.  And skip the nonsense.  (I do admit I am fascinated by the really science-fiction-like dreams, but have no idea what they are about, and anyway, who cares? No one else was there!) ;-)


    If the divine Adjuster tweaked my mind while asleep it would be wonderful to have some sort of idea that something happened.

    can the soul grow while sleeping events of this nature happen?

    it seems it would be very tricky to identify or separate Adjuster handiwork from natural dreaming mental activity.


    As Bonita precautiously and fondness advices us, remind what you have discerned “very tricky” to not bother with excess about that inconscious state of mind. UB reveals to us is better ignore a significative spiritual dream than engage in an immature, irresponsible respond.
    Keep your perception that significative wonders take place and grows when you consecrated to do the will of Our Father. Nevertheless, always in supermind inconscient level. It stimulates and dynamize your faith.

    During the slumber season the Adjuster attempts to achieve only that which the will of the indwelt personality has previously fully approved by the decisions and choosing which were made during times of fully wakeful consciousness, and which have thereby become lodged in the realms of the supermind, the liaison domain of human and divine interrelationship. 110:5.3

    Man cannot cause growth, but he can supply favorable conditions. Growth is always unconscious, be it physical, intellectual, or spiritual… Man’s sole contribution to growth is the mobilization of the total powers of his personality – living faith. 100:3.7
    Yes, immortal soul grow 24/7 consequences of your ” fully awake consciousness living faith”.
    Take pleasure in dreams as I have told, not looking for spiritual signification but confirmation and encouragement when awake to take decisions to respond better to your beloved T/A who waits for that little rapprochement decision, that little step closer whom giver Him that morontial thread for weaving spiritual values in your soul.

    No intent to change the subject but:

    How about a very different type of sleep:

    the sleeping survivors who are waiting for planetary dispensation?

    we are told they are indeed sleeping.

    Are there any interactions happening between them and any other entities? Dreams possibly of a very different kind that would not involve the mortal mind?

    Where are they? As they await the arrival of the Majisterial son I assume they are still on their planet of origin somewhere?

    we are told that when they awake on Mansion world they have no memory of how much time has passed but neither do I when I experience normal sleep.



    Your fit of curiosity must be starving and compel by a expanding imagination. lol

    Sleeping and dreaming is two differend “state”. As you quote “the sleeping survivors” and not “the dreaming survivors“. So, I will keep the subject on the “the sleeping survivors”.

    The revelators use a metaphor “Rhetorical figure of employing a specific word to express an abstract concept.” using ”sleeping”.

    At death,we are pull apart. Material vehicle return to dust. Our soul is taken by Seraphic angels. Our spiritual identity goes with T/A.

    After death the material body returns to the elemental world from which it was derived, but two nonmaterial factors of surviving personality persist: The pre-existent Thought Adjuster, with the memory transcription of the mortal career, proceeds to Divinington; and there also remains, in the custody of the destiny guardian, the immortal morontia soul of the deceased human. 112:3.5

    …  and never does a dis-Adjustered human being after death manifest active identity or in any manner establish communication with the living beings of earth. Such dis-Adjustered souls are wholly and absolutely unconscious during the long or short sleep of death. There can be no exhibition of any sort of personality or ability to engage in communications with other personalities until after completion of survival.112:3.7

    Intentionally, I conclude this post with your question:

    Are there any interactions happening between them and any other entities?

    Is there any interactions happening between mortal death and morontial resurrection?

    Witty question, isn’t?

    … think twice before typing an answer … you might be …”surprise” at the least. 112:5.6



    Sleeping and dreaming is two differend “state”. As you quote “the sleeping survivors” and not “the dreaming survivors“. So, I will keep the subject on the “the sleeping survivors”.

    Thanks for clarifying the subject.  I thought you were talking about dreaming in sleeping land which subject would be interesting too.

    As I understand the term “sleeping survivor” it means all the parts (so to speak) and pieces (so to speak) of the individual are in the keeping of various agents – the guardian seraphim and the TA, so  the state of so called “sleeping” happens prior to reassembly in the halls of Mansonia where the soul, mortal memory transcripts, the personality, and TA are united again in a new body-form made-to-order at reassembly.  Before reassembly and reanimation, the parts and pieces are “sleeping”.  I don’t recall reading that potential survivors prior to reassembly gain any experience until the day of awakening on Mansonia.




    … sorry for unable to remove.

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