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    Really just suggestions, I think that you need an open section sub forum where people can compare subjects that can be deemed unorthodox, metaphysical, occult or ‘new thought’ with each other and the UB. The fact is that most people will never encounter a Urantia Book and therefore will not bother to seek it out or know what to look for.

    More people have heard of wicca rather than urantia, if anything the only people that will have heard of the UB will be in the 50+ age group. You can see how this will pan out, go to a Christian Science (CS) service and see the majority of the congregation…. where will they be in 10-20 years time? I think that all the ‘religions’ deemed ‘new thought’ are in the same position, the UB is in a different position as there is nothing to stop you from continuing in the mainstream religion of your choice or birth.

    And as the mainstream religions now resemble political parties if anything the spirituality of them is evaporating rather fast, and this is where the UB can make inroads. Some may view this as ‘infiltration’, but how can you infiltrate that which has been abandoned? If its abandoned is it not for the taking?

    So I would suggest that there should be links to downloads such as a UB starter kit which deals with FAQs and deals with misconceptions. Also get a URL shortener for this site which you can write on adhesive labels to stick wherever, you may have something good to sell but who is going to buy if they dont know about it.

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    leon14 have you explored the site first to see whether these resources exist?

    UB ‘starter kit’:  https://urantia-association.org/category/introductions-to-the-urantia-book/

    FAQ:  https://urantia-association.org/about-the-urantia-book/urantia-book-faq/

    As for url shortener, you can do that on your own and make adhesive labels to stick wherever.  https://goo.gl/


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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