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    Really just suggestions, I think that you need an open section sub forum where people can compare subjects that can be deemed unorthodox, metaphysical, occult or ‘new thought’ with each other and the UB. The fact is that most people will never encounter a Urantia Book and therefore will not bother to seek it out or know what to look for.

    More people have heard of wicca rather than urantia, if anything the only people that will have heard of the UB will be in the 50+ age group. You can see how this will pan out, go to a Christian Science (CS) service and see the majority of the congregation…. where will they be in 10-20 years time? I think that all the ‘religions’ deemed ‘new thought’ are in the same position, the UB is in a different position as there is nothing to stop you from continuing in the mainstream religion of your choice or birth.

    And as the mainstream religions now resemble political parties if anything the spirituality of them is evaporating rather fast, and this is where the UB can make inroads. Some may view this as ‘infiltration’, but how can you infiltrate that which has been abandoned? If its abandoned is it not for the taking?

    So I would suggest that there should be links to downloads such as a UB starter kit which deals with FAQs and deals with misconceptions. Also get a URL shortener for this site which you can write on adhesive labels to stick wherever, you may have something good to sell but who is going to buy if they dont know about it.

    My email - leon_fourteen@y7mail.com


    leon14 have you explored the site first to see whether these resources exist?

    UB ‘starter kit’:  https://urantia-association.org/category/introductions-to-the-urantia-book/

    FAQ:  https://urantia-association.org/about-the-urantia-book/urantia-book-faq/

    As for url shortener, you can do that on your own and make adhesive labels to stick wherever.  https://goo.gl/




    What is the definition of an moderator ?

    I found this one ;

    • someone who tries to help other people come to an agreement.
      … should I expect a form of moderation on this forum or anyone or anything ca be said without restrains ?
      … have you ever try to intervene when a negative/irrelevant bait is enticed in a post ?
      … I mean direct intervention inside a post ?
      … should Administrators felt concerned about an healthy forum ?

    My concerns goes behond technical answers, a notch over.  Actions is required.

    I am sad to see such a platform degenerating, unpopular.


    Nigel Nunn

    Hi André,

    When I spent a year as the moderating Administrator, I freely removed (hid) inappropriate posts.

    As Administrator (and as a moderator), my role was to decide, so I did    :-)

    thanks for the provocation    :good:


    Dears Mods,

    Years ago, revealators admonished the group of seventy about gross, willful, reckless, wanton negligence.

    For our concerns, about UB’s platform. Same insidious get caught off transpire.

    Negligences, evildoing (errordoing) implied all partipipants Mods and readerships.

    Let me be crystal clear.
    In any ways my involvement is meant to be a forlorn, abusive attempt. AU CONTRAIRE… brotherhood must be our trademark.

    This forum will be a reference archives in 900 years. Long after our “pilgrim’s passage” on Urantia, truth seeker will earnestly dig in historical virtual depositary. Look at HOW pioneers of the 5 th epochal revelation dealt with it.
    Would it be a shamefull encountered antwacky, primitive brotherhood’s behavior statement?

    WE AREN’T UNAWARE OF BROTHERHOOD’S TRUE MEANING. But truth MUST be experienced.  I do not know precisely the pro of it, but I do know the cons.

    • Rise to the bait and clench teeth, it isn’t what expected. Rather rise to the challenge/occasion to act, as was rightly pointed out. All for Fatherhood and brotherhood’s sake.
    • Courage

    Is courage—strength of character—desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.3:5.6

    Dearest participants, yours owns Seraphins work diligently to put you in such “environment” and you reacted like Jonas! Lack appeal despite, absenteism, it isn’t an option.

    Haven’t anyone intended to give back what the others deserved? What did Michael of Nebadon teach us to do? God’s mercy, love and forgiveness ??? When will we experimented those? Tomorrow? In a week? What are each of us waiting for? Are you waiting for the neighbour to enhance your personnal relationship with God? Since when a post about our perception of relative reality is a primordial issue over experimenting truth, beauty, and goodness towards neighbour. Where is the quote? In french “neighbour” is translate as “prochain” more adequated talking about the next person encounter on your road.

    No matter what upheavals may attend the social and economic growth of civilization, religion is genuine and worth while if it fosters in the individual an experience in which the sovereignty of truth, beauty, and goodness prevails, for such is the true spiritual concept of supreme reality. And through love and worship this becomes meaningful as fellowship with man and sonship with God. (1089.12) 99:4.4

    “Throughout this glorious age the chief pursuit of the ever-advancing mortals is the quest for a better understanding and a fuller realization of the comprehensible elements of Deity—truth, beauty, and goodness. This represents man’s effort to discern God in mind, matter, and spirit. And as the mortal pursues this quest, he finds himself increasingly absorbed in the experiential study of philosophy, cosmology, and divinity.” (646.3) 56:10.2



    Hello Andre,

    Thank you for your message. I am one of the forum moderators and my job is to make sure that the forum operates in harmony with the rules of engagement set out by the Association. I admit that we are sometimes either too heavy-handed or not responsive enough when it comes to dealing with complaints from forum participants. I apologise for this on behalf of myself and my fellow moderator. It is obvious from your two messages that you are not happy with the content of some posts. Would you be able to send me a message providing me with the post number(s) that you are not happy with. Send it to the “Messages for Moderators” forum under the “Support and Suggestions” section. When you report technical problems with the forum I am not always able to understand the nature of the problem you are having. I usually refer these requests to our Webmaster via the Communications Chair, Kathleen Swadling.

    Once again Andre, I do apologise for the tardiness of my response. We are both volunteers and at times are absent from the forum due to other demands but usually one of us is on duty.

    Peace and love,

    Moderator 2



    Apologies accepted.

    Accepted my apologies and those of my unsatisfy collegues to pertubated such dedicated harmonious moderators.
    Thanks to not bothered to answered my elaborated posts. They were an outburst of sadness. Do not investigate further.

    Tout va très bien.

    André   _____________________________________________

    No, I decided to not be sarcastic regarding how much you Administrators/Moderators attitude are insipping.

    It is very sad and disappointing greatly.



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