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    Hello all, first off I deeply want to apologize.
    A while ago I had started a thread inviting Urantia readers to join my discord channel; “Urantian Think Tank”.

    The thread was removed and I assume because it looked as if I was soliciting some service, which I promise I’m not, but at the time I couldn’t get the hint; I had figured there was a bug in the forum and my thread just wasn’t uploading, so I had continued to repost that same thread over and over. That stubborn behavior got my account blocked, and in retrospect I can fully understand why, it must have looked like I was spamming the forum from the outside. Administrators, if ever I’m posting in the wrong forum or breaking one of the rules, please let me know, I really don’t want to get my account blocked. I’m a sincere reader and follower of the Urantia books teachings, and I would be honored to be extended the opportunity to utilize this forum.


    The “Urantian Think Tank” discord server I created contains an organized list of channels for each paper of the book, allowing users to have real-time discussions about whatever part of the book they’re on. It is akin to OPAD (one page a day) and would allow this form of study to go on perpetually. At this time five other readers other then myself have joined the server from an invite i’ve posted on reddit, one of them has worked hard porting the urantia book onto WikiSource.

    I would like to emphasis that I am not soliciting Discord, I’m assuming that’s probably what it looked like when my account was blocked, but Discord is simply a very intuitive platform to bring people together, and in my honest opinion it is far superior to Skype or Facebook.

    I would love to hear back from you administrators, as well as probably befriend you :) I’d be thrilled to be an active member on this forum.

    and with your permission, could I post an invite under the “Value of Study Groups” section?


    Nigel Nunn

    Great to have you back with us, Magmasloth64!

    You mention work with “3d assets” — any particular software?  To illustrate aspects of Part 4C in my UB video series, I need to model the collapse of neutron stars… so some innovative “3d assets” will be required    :-)



    YEA! I ultimately am practicing environment art to someday utilize it for some forward thinking projects, and so atm I’d love to help out with something like that!

    If you’d like I could create a thread to post updates & discuss details :D

    I actually just finished work on a firetube boiler and am more then ready to switch gears, I’ve been working on nothin but props for industrial processes and have been wanting to shift back to making more natural stuff like trees and erosion, and so this neutron star could be a great exercise for me!

    btw I use mostly use blender & gimp, although I have some other software like substance painter which I use for some things like baking maps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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