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    I am going to be a participate  in a study group at a local church of which everybody has to make a suggestion for reading.

    Does anybody know of any Modern Christian writers    (preferably ones that can relate to the general laymen )   that give no reference to the Urantia book but have developed concepts that coordinate with that of the Urantia book ?



    Hi Rooney,

    If you are looking for a book to read in a study group that is spiritual in its focus, aiming to enrich our connection with others, improve our understanding and contribute to the well-being of ourselves and others – then can I suggest a book first published in 1999, with 3rd edition 2015, so I guess it is pretty “modern”. It is called Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall Rosenberg. I studied chapter by chapter with eight others in a Study Group. Thich Nhất Hanh said “As powerful as compassionate communication can be when we use it in our individual relationships, its power is magnified when we bring it to our communities… A community that is committed to mindful speech and deep listening can be very effective in making society better.” Thich Nhất Hanh, The Art Of Communicating, p.129.

    From the Introduction:

    “Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a giving and receiving of messages
    that centers on two very important questions: What’s alive in us?
    and What can we do to make life more wonderful?
    Based on the crucial role of language and our use of words, NVC is a
    specific approach to communicating –speaking and listening- that
    leads us to give from the heart allowing our natural compassion to
    It requires great honesty and openness, developing a certain
    literacy of expressions, and overcoming deeply ingrained learning
    that emphasizes judgment, fear, obligation, duty, punishment and
    reward, and shame.
    Everything we do is in service of our needs.
    When this is applied to our view of others
    we’ll see that we have no real enemies, that
    what others do to us is the best possible
    thing they know to do to get their needs
    Purpose of NVC
    NVC is a combination of thinking and language, as well as a means
    of using power designed to serve a specific intention. This intention
    is to create the quality of connection with other people and oneself
    that allows compassionate giving to take place. In this sense it is a
    spiritual practice: All actions are taken for the sole purpose of
    willingly contributing to the well-being of others and ourselves.

    There is also a Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook, that assists with the process of learning, by Lucy Leu. I believe engaging this method of meaningful connection with others is from the heart and it is the closest we get to truth, beauty and goodness.

    Hope this is relevant to your search.




    The more closely man approaches God through love, the greater the reality — actuality — of that man. 117:4.14 (1285.3)



    What a interesting book …….I am going to look into getting a copy ,,,,? as to if it would work in this application

    Thanks for your input



    Does anybody know of any Modern Christian writers    (preferably ones that can relate to the general laymen )   that give no reference to the Urantia book but have developed concepts that coordinate with that of the Urantia book ?

    “No Greater Love” by Mother Teresa is always a winner.



    I just read some quotes from…  No Greater Love….it  has some well defined down to earth.. and I think…  spirit driven  insights   …I am ordering it today

    Thanks for the suggestion



    Hi Rooney,

    From Urantia association in Québec, I just receivèd a link about guys lectured an initiative exclusively about the message Jesus brought on earth.
    Their intro pleases me. They adressed it to anybody, any religious institutions and didn’t confine themselves to anyone. Their allegiance repose solely to Jesus’s message.

    It charmed me because they are experimented searcher about religion. Having a lot of friends or relatives “stuck” to the bible, doomed to discouraging fate. Their approach is base only on quotes from the bible. That might be helpful to redirect peoples (parishioners) in a hopeful perception.

    p.s. …this organisation’s motives was largely discuss in previous posts. I change my position and delete/strike this post intentionnaly. See following post.
    Thanks to participants whom implicated themselfes to explain why it should be avoid.

    Let see if AUQ (Association Urantia in Québec) will reevaluate their position.

    p.s.  … momentum is building in Urantia circles.



    The Christ experiment.

    I look into the archives of this platform. On those posts:

    #14504, #12533    January 2015
    They have discovered the FER and have fallen in love with the story of Christ Michael’s 7th bestowal on Urantia.
    These people are on fire for the revelation. This man and his wife and another woman whom they were trying to convert to the JWs have now joined our very humble study group.

    #21500   June  2016
    I personally attribute good motives to these people but I agree with the consensus of the views expressed on this thread that they have been mislead and are in danger of overly inflating their self importance with the fatal potential to delude many others. Can anything be done to prevent this?      Julian

    … so Julian, years later, have you find a way to prevent it? Have you maturated the subject?

    There is listed in The Urantia Book the fundamental errors made by Christianity as it deviated from the Teachings of Jesus. The compromises to win populist appeal but at great cost to the spiritual integrity of Jesus’ intended purpose. If you seek these out and present them one at a time as a talking point, much can be achieved.

    I encourage you in your efforts to restate the message of Jesus to your fellow believers, the liberating truth of sonship with God and consequent brotherhood of man.
    Never underestimate the transformative power of the enhancement of already accepted truth. It’s like a blast of oxygen to glowing embers, they come alight!!

    #14695       May 2015
    Yes, I know of this website, my friend Julian McGarry sublitted it in article      Vern

    Yes, it does Angela.  Here’s a rewrite of the quote: The Christ Experiment Church accepts the teaching in the midwayer emails as true, but that is not faith, that is mere belief.

    And I would argue that all the other channeling groups are doing the same thing.t

    It seems to me that the Christ experiment people are the exceptional ones that catch the ear of the gods.

    #21492, #21493 is the same organization as The Christ Experiment. Bonita

    About “The Christ experiment”  Bonita you seems doubtful enought to discard it.

    And after investigation and observations from beloved readership. I’m ready to discard it either.


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