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    Richard E Warren
    Richard E Warren


    Imagine you’re back in school and haven’t yet heard of The Urantia Book. You receive an email invitation to a 90 minute lecture by the “Chief of Urantia Midwayers.” You’re strangely intrigued, it’s your day off, and you have nothing else to do so you go to the lecture hall and take a seat in the front row. Presently a brilliant being appears at the lectern and begins speaking.

    “I am the Chief of Urantia Midwayers, the first of my order. Urantia is the name of this world on the celestial records. Midwayers are so named because, on the scale of life, we are midway between humans and angels. Our function, our service, involves both groups.

    The history of our planet and its evolution is much longer and more diverse than most realize. The Midwayers maintain a detailed record going back half a million years, to a time of the emergence of human will.

    On planets like Urantia, after human will appears, a Planetary Prince and his staff arrive. This is standard procedure on all evolving worlds. The Prince’s regime works to civilize humanity over hundreds of thousands of years. In due time his administration will have converted the indigenous population from hunters to herders. When that occurs an Adam and Eve are sent to transform those herders into gardeners. Midwayers serve each regime as liaisons between humans and superhumans.

    To explain the diverse relationship between humans, Midwayers, and celestials I must first provide insights into universal organization and administration. You should be assured the cosmos is not without structure, management, or care. No one is an orphan; every planet, every being, has a role and a purpose.

    The Princes and Adams and Eves are but the first orders of specifically designed and trained administrators sent to develop planetary culture. After human will appears on an evolutionary world like Urantia, a Prince and his staff of one hundred descend to educate mortals, followed by an Adamic couple with their angelic entourage. Planetary administrators, such as Princes and Adams and Eves, are dispatched from our System’s headquarter sphere. This sphere, and its fifty-six satellites, did not evolve. They were constructed by orders of beings unknown to you. Someday you shall pass through the schools on those satellites and then take up residence on the headquarters world, one of the seven heavens that await you when life in the flesh ends.

    Systems are the smallest administrative units of the cosmos and each one, when complete, contains one thousand evolutionary worlds, unique but similar to Urantia. One hundred Systems form one Constellation. One hundred Constellations make up a Local Universe. And one hundred thousand Local Universes comprise a Superuniverse. In the domains of time and space there are just seven Superuniverses. In the ascending scale of administrative divisions, each one is directed by beings higher in origin and greater in authority. The highest is God, Father of All, ruler and upholder of the Grand Universe.

    Our System (Satania by name) is administered by one having the title: System Sovereign; its headquarters sphere is Jerusem. Our Constellation (Norlatiadek) is directed by a Most High; its headquarters world is Edentia. The Local Universe to which we belong (Nebadon) was co-created and is governed by a couple known as Michael and the Divine Minister; its capital is named Salvington. Our Superuniverse (Orvonton) is ruled by three beings of the divine order, Ancients of Days; its headquarters world is called Uversa. God, the Universal Father, stands above all in rank, title, and creatorship. His residence is known to all simply as Paradise.

    Each headquarters world is at the center of clusters of satellite spheres. Jerusem, for example, is circled by just fifty-six such spheres, seven major transition worlds, about which forty-nine subsatellites the size of Urantia revolve. Jerusem itself is approximately one hundred times the size of Urantia. At the other end of the universe’s geographic spectrum, Paradise is orbited by more than one billion satellite worlds, the smallest of which is ten thousand times the diameter of Urantia’s sun.

    Regardless of any and all administrative divisions, the entire cosmos is one vast school, of which humans, Midwayers, and angels are a significant part. And every being in the domains of space-time is loved, watched over, and guided as if the only one.

    The first two orders of planetary administrators, the Princes and the Adams and Eves, go through long periods of training and rigorous testing in the System before being assigned to evolutionary planets. You know little about what occurs on the administrative spheres above, Jerusem being the first. And you know even less about Michael and the Divine Minister who created our Local Universe and the diverse array of personal beings who rule it in their name. It is the intent of this narrative to enlighten humanity regarding the physical evolution and spiritual oversight of planets like Urantia, particularly the role Midwayers play as living links between humans below and superhumans above.

    Evolutionary planets are similar but no two are identical. Urantia is unique in more than one way. First, it is classified as an experimental world. Second, we suffered an administrative rebellion when our Prince went astray. Third, Michael, Local Universe sovereign and cocreator, incarnated here. One in ten worlds are classed as experimental; only a rare few are betrayed by their Princes; and just one in ten million planets plays host to its sovereign creator.

    Life experimentation affords designers an opportunity to improve life patterns. The aim of the Urantia experiment was to produce a governing aristocracy by mating the offspring of the Prince’s staff with Adam and Eve’s children. This experiment was intended to hasten the day when the ultimate goal for all planets, the attainment of an age of Light and Life, is reached. In the succeeding narrative I shall endeavor to explain why the experiment failed and the part Midwayers have in salvaging the divine plan for Urantia. I will relate the story of the rebellion and then tell you about Michael’s seventh and final self-bestowal.

    Origin of Midwayers

    Before delineating the Midwayers’ origin, I should relate the beginning of life on Urantia. Another order of being created by Michael and the Divine Minister are the Life Carriers. As their name indicates they bring life to the worlds, but they also formulate and guide its evolution. 550,000,000 years ago, they implanted their life formula in the tidal pools of the planet’s rising land masses. Three places were chosen to initiate life on Earth, one in what is now North America, one in central Eurasia, and one in what became the Australian continent.

    From those original implants there evolved the protoplasmic lifeforms, followed by plants and animals. Finally, about a million years ago, the first true humans emerged from the higher animals, in the Primates’ line. This of course was all in the Life Carriers’ plan. But Life Carriers do not create life, they only design it in their laboratories on Jerusem with a planet’s prevailing conditions in mind, then implant it and foster its development.

    Providing the spark of life is the God-given prerogative of Michael and the Divine Minister, creators of our Local Universe and the beings who inhabit it. Such is the will and outworking of the overarching plan of God, the primary source of the spark of life that animates the universe of universes.

    God is the father and creator of the Michaels and Ministers who, in turn, are the spiritual parents of the administrators and other beings who take origin in their Local Universe, humans included. In a real sense, humans, Midwayers, angels, Life Carriers, Michaels’, Divine Ministers, all have a divine heritage. We are siblings and members of one immense family: Children and grandchildren of the Universal Father, the maker and sustainer of the cosmos.

    When the Life Carriers’ formula evolved humans, creatures of will dignity, and when their number was around one half billion the System supervisors dispatched a Prince and his staff of one hundred to Urantia. To provide the staff with material bodies the Life Carriers’ extracted the genetic pattern from superior human stock and used it to fashion their physical forms. It is important that the staff members appear in the likeness of the creatures they are to serve. These bodily forms did not have to evolve as do humans; the Life Carriers assembled them in a matter of days with the assistance of other beings who are empowered with such abilities. The staff was brought from Jerusem by seraphic transport, and they were incarnated in their human forms by the Life Carriers.

    The Prince’s one hundred were former mortals, all volunteers who were born long before on other planets of the System. The staff’s bodies were gender specific, that is to say the Life Carriers created fifty male-female couples. Thirty-three years after their incarnation one of the couples mated and I, the first Midwayer, came into being.

    The method the couple employed to conceive us was not sexual as you would understand it. It was a liaison of soul and mind. And our emergence was not from a womb as with human babes. I can tell you little more about our origin since you have no conceptual foundation upon which to base a description. But I can say Midwayers are unlike our parents in that we are invisible to human senses. We cannot be seen, heard, or touched by humans unless we are so ordered by our commanders. Because we take origin through an unrevealed, non-physical technique our bodies are not flesh and bone in their construction. Non-corporeality and invisibility are traits we share with our seraphic siblings. And like the angels, we do not procreate. We live on without dying, but we lack the ability to reproduce.

    When I emerged, the Prince ordered his staff to follow the method of my parents and produce forty-nine more. Subsequently, each of the other couples produced one Midwayer. When we fifty proved our value, the Prince authorized the staff to reproduce until the ability to do so was exhausted. Thereafter, one Midwayer emerged every six months until there were exactly 50,000. No more appeared no matter what type of mind-soul liaison was attempted. This number is fixed by the creators and applies to all the Princely administrations.

    Midwayer Services

    There is much superhuman activity transpiring behind the curtain of invisibility about which you know little. You have a vague conception of the angels and their roles as guardians, but there is much, much more happening that would amaze and astound you. For example, owing to our invisibility, Midwayers make excellent informants. We can and do observe human activities unseen, then report these observations to the Prince. We also assist in locating leaders, humans who may help the planetary rulers in the civilization process.

    The Prince needs to be informed about humanity’s status in order to know how best to guide planetary progress. Princes work hand in hand with humans, angels, and Midwayers to advance society. But Midwayers are not spies, nor do we judge you. Our primary function is to assist the Prince and the angels in promoting social and civil progress.

    The identity of our human helpers is not emblazoned on the pages of terrestrial history. Almost always do they work without recognition by their fellows, but the Midwayers know them, and they are richly rewarded in the next life for their selfless service toward planetary progress. Progress is the watchword of the ever-evolving time-space universes, and perfection is the goal of progress.

    For 300,000 years this corps of 50,000 Midwayers served the Prince as observers and informants. We provided him with crucial data about outstanding humans he could bring to his school and send home to educate his or her tribes. The school was in southern Mesopotamia; the Prince’s staff built it and the city around it. They named it Dalamatia, and Midwayers were employed in guiding promising students to its school. I shall provide more about Urantia’s first city and its educational facilities later in this narrative.

    The Prince’s primary interest is finding and educating human leaders to assist in uplifting planetary culture. A stable culture must have biologically and morally fit humans to create worthy families. Good families composed of spiritually inclined citizens are the indispensable foundation stones of enduring, ever-progressing civilizations.

    Regarding our way of living, keep in mind that Midwayers are non-physical beings. We have bodies, but they are not flesh and bone. We are electrically encircuited and spiritually energized, much like the angels. The fact that Midwayers are non-corporeal allows us to move over the face of the planet with lightening-like rapidity, in fact twice the speed of light. Marvel not at this fact, for there are many things occurring in the universe about which humans know little. The angels, for example, have the ability to travel at triple the speed of light, even to transport souls from one world to another at such speed.

    Midwayers can, in a day, visit every continent and make a report before sunset. But we do not eat food as you do, though we do require energy intake, a combined form of electrical and spiritual energy. Neither do we slumber, but we do require rest. And Midwayers’ bodies do not deteriorate and die; we live on as permanent citizens of the planet. Many of our behaviors, attributes, and abilities we share with the angels.

    Information gathering is not all Midwayers do. We perform a variety of services for humans and celestials. We are grouped for service under four general headings:

    • Messengers
    • Sentinels
    • Contact personalities
    • Progress helpers

    Messengers are a relatively small corps and are of great assistance in the service of quick and reliable personal communication between angels and planetary administrators.

    Sentinels perform the important duties of observers of the numerous phenomena and types of communication which are of import to the superhuman beings residing on or visiting the planet. They patrol and oversee the spiritual realm of the sphere.

    Contact Personalities are an essential factor in liaisons between the spiritual and the material levels. When any spiritual agency or individual celestial requires contact with a human or group of humans, a Midwayer is needed to facilitate it. You might well want to know that Midwayers have recently been participants in the revelation of new truth to Urantia’s natives. These revelations came in the form of a book, an endeavor in which Midwayers played a significant role. In association with a small group of humans, The Urantia Book was published in the English language in 1955. Subsequently, it has been translated into the major languages. And after the development of global communications at the end of the 20th century, this revelatory work has been available electronically. Truth seekers are encouraged to read this book in its entirety to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the meaning, purpose, and value of your first life, your Earth-life.

    The fourth part of The Urantia Book was authored by Midwayers; it presents the life and teachings of Urantia’s most famous visitor, Joshua, son of Joseph and Mary. Jesus, as he came to be known, was in fact none other than an incarnation of Michael, the Local Universe father-creator and sovereign. Such incarnations occur only once in the history of a Local Universe. Urantia had the signal honor of hosting Michael for this divine self-bestowal and we Midwayers were present to observe and record it in all its magnificent unfolding. Thanks to this recent revelation of truth, facilitated in part by Midwayers working in close association with humans, the undistorted teachings of Jesus can now be known to all humanity.

    Progress Helpers are the more spiritual of the midway creatures, and they are employed as assistants by the various orders of seraphim who function in special groups on the planet. There are twelve angelic groups that work hand in hand with certain of the Midwayers. Two such are the Progress Angels and the Angels of Health.

    Like humans, Midwayers are unique in ability and aptitude. And here I am obliged to reveal another type of Midwayer, the secondaries. My order, the primaries, are the more spiritual of the two; we are closer to angels in nature and function. Secondaries are nearer humans in design and utility. Primaries originated approximately 500,000 years ago at the beginning of the Prince’s regime; secondaries emerged around 38,000 BC as a result of mating Adam and Eve’s first-born son with a human female whose ancestors were children of the Prince’s staff.

    On planets such as Urantia, whether experimental or not, each of these two superhuman regimes are provided with Midwayer assistants. In the scheme of cosmic outworking, the Prince and his staff educates, then the Adamic sophisticates, and both are assisted by a set of Midwayers well adapted and specifically designed for such duties.

    We primary Midwayers are the planetary historians who, from the time of the arrival of the Planetary Prince to the age of settled Light and Life, formulate the pageants and design the portrayals of planetary history for the exhibits of the planets on Jerusem, the System headquarters world.

    Midwayers vary greatly in our abilities to make contact with the seraphim above and with our human cousins below. It is exceedingly difficult, for instance, for primary Midwayers to make direct contact with material agencies. We are considerably nearer the angelic type of being and are therefore usually assigned to working with, and ministering to, the spiritual entities living on the planet. We act as companions and guides for celestial visitors and student sojourners, whereas the secondary creatures are almost exclusively devoted to the ministry of material beings, the humans of the realm.

    Midwayers are not men or women, neither are we angels, but secondary Midwayers are, in nature, nearer humans than angels. Both types of Midwayers are very understanding and sympathetic in our ministry to human beings. And both orders are indispensable to the seraphim who serve as personal guardians to mortals. When called upon by our supervisors to intervene in planetary affairs, we act without hesitation.

    One occurrence of Midwayer intervention appears in scripture, regarding Peter’s release from prison. Though the release is attributed to “an angel of the Lord,” it was in fact a secondary Midwayer who facilitated it.

    Acts of the Apostles 12:5-10 (KJV):

    …Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church. And when Herod was about to bring him out, that night Peter was sleeping, bound with two chains between two soldiers; and the guards before the door were keeping the prison. Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in the prison; and he struck Peter on the side and raised him up, saying, “Arise quickly!” And his chains fell off his hands. Then the angel said to him, “Gird yourself and tie on your sandals”; and so he did. And he said to him, “Put on your garment and follow me.” So he went out and followed him, and did not know that what was done by the angel was real, but thought he was seeing a vision. When they were past the first and the second guard posts, they came to the iron gate that leads to the city, which opened to them of its own accord; and they went out and went down one street, and immediately the angel departed from him.

    Midwayers are versatile in service; we are a necessary part of many physical manipulations that appear quite remarkable to humans. For example, it was secondary Midwayers who rolled back the stone of Jesus’ burial chamber. We also participated in the dissolution of his material body, leaving the burial cloth which Mary Magdalene observed. And we Midwayers, in association with other agents of special ministry, made it possible for her, the apostles, and others, to see the resurrected form of the Master.

    And when humans, such as Enoch, exit life in “chariots of fire,” it is Midwayers who assist. This is a fusion of the human soul and the divine indweller in which the physical body is lifted into the atmosphere and consumed in a process of dematerialization. The soul and the indwelling fragment of God, having fused in eternal embrace, instantly transport to one of the resurrection halls of the mansion worlds that encircle Jerusem, leaving the body of flesh and bones behind.

    The mansion worlds are the first heaven to which surviving mortals ascend. Recall that Jesus stated, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” He was referring, in part, to the worlds where the surviving soul appears in new and undying bodily form when life in the flesh is over. He also said the “kingdom of God is within you,” indicating the personal presence of the Universal Father, his individualized indwelling spirit, a divine entity that inhabits all mortals of normal and morally conscious mind during life in the flesh and the hereafter.

    Humans who exit Urantia by natural death resurrect on the first of the mansion worlds, but not instantaneously as do those who fuse. Fusion is the most common method of departure for Mansonia on planets already settled in Light and Life. Fusion ceremonies are not at all like funerals, rather are they occasions for celebration. And Midwayers do not work alone in the fusion process, we are part of a team of differentially endowed beings who are unknown to you, one of which bears the title, Physical Controller.

    Many are the orders of beings that will be revealed to humans as you progress toward the latter stages of planetary evolution. We Midwayers look forward to the day when humans leave the planet in chariots to heaven, when death is not the only doorway to eternity. Humanity is quivering on the brink of great leaps in social, civil, and spiritual progress. Before long, another Enoch will appear to show you the new way to exit Urantia and begin the eternal sojourn.

    An example of the versatility of Midwayer service occurred shortly after Michael incarnated as Jesus, it was the Midwayers who guided the Magi to the babe of Bethlehem, not a conjunction of heavenly bodies in the eastern sky. The so-called ‘Star of Bethlehem” is a beautiful legend, but such a coincidental alignment of planets could have hardly led them to a specific place and time. It is noteworthy that similar conjunctions occurred twice more during the same year of Jesus’ birth.

    Another need for Midwayers’ unique services arose on the morning of the seventh day after Adam and Eve arrived. When the Garden workers and visitors had observed the pair for six days, there developed an overwhelming urge to worship them. To unenlightened humans, it seemed there was nothing this charmingly beautiful pair, who so recently descended from heaven (in actuality Jerusem), did not know, or could not do.

    Late into the night after the sixth day, at the Father’s temple, some of the more vocal humans whipped their peers into a frenzy, all but demanding that the pair be venerated. Eve and Adam were resting far away at their estate in the east of Eden. As Chief of Midwayers, I gave the order that they be brought to the temple to calm the throng. Midwayers can, when the occasion calls for it, move matter, even material beings. Normally, this is not a service we perform, but this was not a normal situation.

    In the interest of time, we hastened to Adam and Eve. With the help of my secondary fellows they were quickly transported to the temple where they persuaded the worshippers to be led in the veneration of God, and he alone. In those early hours of the seventh day Adam famously said, among other things, “We are, like you, children of God. You may bestow any honor upon us, but worship, never.” And this incident was the beginning of an enduring tradition; every seventh day thereafter was reserved for the worship of the Father of All. And never again did Garden residents deify and worship Eve or Adam as they would God.

    Yet another function of Midwayers involves the selection and protection of mortals to fill the ranks of the “Reserve Corps of Destiny.” This corps is composed of humans who work with seraphim and Midwayers in the execution of certain tasks, such as revealing new truths. These men and women emerge in every generation and are quickly assigned to a celestial group when they prove themselves mentally capable, morally fit, and spiritually attuned. Corps members are wholly unknown to humanity, but Midwayers know them and, in association with their seraphim, guard them jealously. This is one of our primary labors at this stage of planetary evolution, finding and training humans to be assistants to the superhuman administration.

    Liaisons between spiritual and material beings are an essential function for planetary progress. Such associations are necessary in social and spiritual emergencies to prevent the breakdown of culture, and in case of threats to the light of truth.

    Material accidents, commonplace occurrences of a physical nature, are not arbitrarily interfered with by celestial personalities. Under ordinary conditions only midway creatures can intervene in material circumstances to safeguard the persons of men and women of destiny, and even in special situations we can so act only in obedience to the specific mandates of our superiors.

    Midwayers’ superiors are the Melchizedeks, the Most High (Constellation Father), and certain high angelic beings, those beings charged with oversight of the planet. Your scriptural reference is correct where it states the Most High “…ruleth in the kingdom of men.”

    The Rebellion and The Advent

    Having related the origin and variety of services provided by Urantia’s Midwayers, you should be informed about two major events in our planet’s history in which we were intimately involved: The Lucifer rebellion, and the life and teachings of Jesus.

    The Prince arrived on Urantia around 500,000 BC and set about building a walled city and a school within. All went well for 300,000 years; the city became a beacon of light on an otherwise dark and savage world. Urantia’s first city was named Dalamatia. It was situated in southern Mesopotamia and overseen by the Prince and his staff of one hundred. Inside the city’s wall the planet’s first school turned out students from across the Eurasian continent and Africa, ones who were drawn there by some combination of word-of-mouth, truth hunger, Midwayer recommendation, angelic influence, and spirit guidance.

    The Dalamatia school offered a basic education in the primary aspects of reality, the physical, intellectual, and spiritual. It also provided rudimentary instruction in food and water acquisition, animal domestication, predator control, reading and writing, industry, religion, hygiene, art and science, governance, and justice administration. After graduation students took these teachings and acquired skills back to their families and tribes. The roots of civilization took firm hold during that age.

    Around 200,000 BC the System to which Urantia belongs was being administered by a Lanonandek son named Lucifer. Systems are always governed by Lanonandeks unless they fail or rebel. That order of sonship is parented by Michael and the Divine Minister. Lucifer had served faithfully for many an age in his role as our System’s sovereign. He was a highly rated, well-respected administrator until he fell victim to pride and impatience. This misplaced pride led him to believe he was wiser than the Most High our Constellation Father, and our Local Universe sovereign, Michael.

    About five hundred years before the rebellion’s outbreak, Lucifer began complaining about a lack of liberty and the administrative restraints imposed upon Lanonandeks. During those years, his mind became so corrupted that he outright defied all oversight and issued a manifesto declaring God was a deception employed to rob him and others of their inherent liberty and self-rule. The manifesto sparked a rebellion that spread across the System. It ensnared many of the lower orders of beings on Jerusem and the Princes of thirty-eight of the evolutionary planets in his charge, including Urantia. When the rebellion broke out there were 607 evolutionary worlds under his management, Urantia being the 606th.

    This administrative upheaval was precipitated by Lucifer and him alone. But many, including Midwayers and angels, were persuaded to follow. And it is a sorrowful duty to inform you a large number of my fellow Primary Midwayers fell victim to this revolt. I and my siblings had loyally served the Prince’s regime for 300,000 years, but there came a parting of ways when the manifesto was issued.

    Urantia’s primary Midwayers were especially vulnerable to the persuasions of Lucifer. It was difficult for the majority to believe such a high official, possessing vast intellect and immense rhetorical ability, and having millions of years of experience, could be so completely wrong. When the final count was tallied, 40,119 of the original 50,000 primary Midwayers joined the betrayer. I and 9,880 others remained loyal.

    Lucifer and our Planetary Prince, like all System Sovereigns and Princes, are not created in perfection. Though they take origin in beings who are perfect (Local Universe cocreators Michael and the Divine Minister), they are not immune from errors, even betrayal. They both took voluntary oaths of loyalty but broke them, as sometimes happens with freewill beings functioning on the lower levels of the time-space domains, levels not yet perfected.

    Granting freewill to any imperfect being is inherently uncertain. But not granting it produces nothing more than living machines, slavish automatons. Our God is a God of freewill creativity within the necessary limitations of coexistence of the trillions of freewill beings who inhabit the universe of universes. Occasionally, an imperfect administrator will succumb to pride and impatience, will oppose those limitations and lead others in opposition. Taking a position against God’s far-seeing wisdom, even denying his existence, and putting oneself in his place, is an irrefutable sign of rebellion. Fortunately, rebellions are extremely rare and are always time limited. The great majority of Local Universe administrators are loyal, service minded, and desirous of doing the will of the Father of us all.

    Lucifer was a brilliant personality and, using this God-given brilliance, allowed pride and impatience to overtake reason and distort reality. He convinced himself that God was in fact not real, and that he was exempt from divine oversight. Emphasis on self, vanity, and conceit led him to believe that the Universal Father was non-existent and led many who served under him to believe likewise. His presumptuous declaration of self-rule quickly spread throughout the System. Although his peers were not persuaded by this sophistry, many of those below him in rank and shorter in service were. The response of Lucifer’s superiors was an immediate quarantine. Just as Urantians treat a disease epidemic by isolation, Constellation supervisors and Local Universe creators likewise impose a quarantine to ensure the infection of rebellion does not spread to other Systems.

    You should bear in mind that rebellion is quite uncommon, occurring only three times in the 400,000,000,000-year history of our Local Universe. The other two were minor compared to Lucifer’s. The leaders were also Lanonandeks entrusted with a System’s administration. Systems contain up to one thousand evolutionary planets when complete, but they are the smallest and the lowest administrative units of Local Universes.

    After the outbreak of the Lucifer rebellion nearly every social and civil advance attained by the Prince’s regime and Dalamatia’s school was lost. The rebellion was still smoldering when Adam and Eve arrived 162,000 years later. Normally there is a smooth transition from the Prince’s regime to the Adamic, but normality became a casualty of the rebellion.

    The Prince was still on Urantia when Adam and Eve arrived; he and his followers continued in their attempts to overthrow the divine order. It is a Local Universe policy to permit rebellion to run its course until every being involved has made an informed choice about which side to join. The Garden pair did not rebel, but they were duped by the Prince’s wily maneuvers and their mission defaulted. The distorted facts about that default are retold in the scriptural record, in which Adam and Eve partook of evil and were forced to leave the garden. But the Biblical record does not report the fact that Adam and Eve recovered from the default by the establishment of a second garden, then proceeded to carry out their mission.

    It is lamentable that, not long after the Adamic Midwayers, the secondaries, were brought into being, nearly half of their number was deceived by Satan and the Prince. Of the secondary order 873 of the original 1,984 were seduced, leaving their ranks with 1,111 loyalists. But there is reason for optimism. Despite devastating losses, the loyal primary and secondary Midwayers chose to unite. We have, ever since our union, faithfully served Urantia all the while upholding our oaths of fealty to Michael, the Divine Minister, and the Father of all. And when Michael, our Local Universe sovereign, bestowed himself as Jesus, he confronted the rebels. At the coming of the Spirit of Truth, on the day of Pentecost, the disloyal Midwayers were taken away and detained on a prison world (a satellite sphere of Jerusem) along with Lucifer, Satan, and other unrepentant rebels.

    It is sad to say that before the disloyal ones were removed, they were involved in much mischief-making. Certain of the secondary Midwayers could reveal themselves to some feeble-minded humans, even control them in a measure. The scriptural record is correct regarding the sick and possessed who came before Jesus.

    From Matthew 4:

    “…and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with diverse diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatics…”

    Jesus (Michael incarnate) knew the difference between insanity and demoniacal control by rebel Midwayers, although these states were greatly confused in the minds of those who lived in his day and generation. Since Pentecost, and the removal of the disloyal Midwayers, there never again can be such a thing as demoniacal possession. But just because Michael’s bestowal has forever liberated all humans on Urantia from the possibility of possession, do not imagine that such was not a reality in former ages.

    Urantia is still isolated and will remain so until the case of Lucifer and his fellow conspirators is adjudicated in the courts of the Ancients of Days, those beings who preside over the judicial affairs of the seven superuniverses. They, and only they, have the authority to determine the eternal fate of the remorseless rebels. After the trial, or perhaps before, a new Prince will arrive on Urantia, one that has been rebellion tested and proven to be worthy of the title, Prince of Urantia.

    So much history regarding this tragic event is unknown or has been grossly distorted, but the loyal Midwayers lived it and recorded it accurately. I offer our indisputable witness in this narrative so you might be better informed as to how the rebellion occurred and why its aftereffects linger on.

    God could, of course, remove every effect of the rebellion, instantly destroy every participant, and erase every memory of it. But that is not the divine way. The Father of All instead allows freewill beings a merciful interlude, a time lag between the commission of a crime and the judicial consequences, just as would an earthly parent. The Universal Father, acting through the Ancients of Days, is not quick to deprive his errant children of eternal life, he wishes that none perish. Only when every extension of mercy has been exhausted, when every offer of rehabilitation has been spurned, when a fair and open trial has exposed every related fact and motive, only then is justice applied.
    The roots of the System’s rebellion can be traced directly to the mind of Lucifer and his unfortunate drift into pride and impatience. Imagine the influence a being of his order commands, one put in charge of the evolution of an eventual one thousand planets. Not only did his high office sway those he commanded, he possessed cleverness, brilliance, and a dazzling personality, so much so that he fell in love with himself. Pride is a master deceiver, no matter where it manifests. Combined with impatience, pride corrupted Lucifer’s brilliant mind and he used it to mislead many of those beneath him, including Midwayers, angels, and ascending mortals. Lucifer’s overpowering personality was a factor in deceiving them; it was difficult for beings under his command to comprehend that he could or would go astray. Rebels did not fall into sin premeditatively, they were simply misled by an appealing sophistry from one who was trusted.

    The rebellion is one of the most interesting, but tragic, events in Urantia’s history. There is however another event much more interesting and uplifting: Michael’s incarnation as Jesus. The life and teachings of an incarnated Michael transcend all other divine bestowals in a Local Universe. In just over thirty-five years Jesus matured and led all loyalists in the defeat of Lucifer and his followers. The final blow was landed during the Master’s forty-day retreat on Mount Hermon. There he was accosted by Satan and Urantia’s Prince. Their presumptuous temptations were wholly rejected and immediately thereafter they were shorn of all power and authority. The scriptural record is correct where is states: “Now is the judgment of this world; now shall the Prince of this world be cast down.” And Michael said this after he dealt with the rebels on that fateful mountaintop: “And I beheld Satan fall as lightning from heaven. The Prince of this world is judged.”

    Satan was Lucifer’s executive officer, and it was he, along with Urantia’s apostate Prince, who so shamefully attempted to corrupt Jesus that day on Mount Hermon. You might well ask why rebels are not summarily removed or even executed at the time of their offence. This is not the divine way of dealing with errant freewill beings. As previously stated, divine mercy always lags justice in hopes the sinner will repent and be rehabilitated. But I am pleased to report almost all the unfortunate followers of Lucifer did eventually accept Michael’s mercy. All who sincerely repented were rehabilitated and subsequently reinstated in non-administrative service. Those who spurned mercy remain in the custody of the Most High. It is a notable fact that not one administrator, angel, or Midwayer has fallen victim to rebellion since Michael’s self-bestowal as Jesus.

    Urantia and the thirty-seven other worlds whose Princes rebelled are very different from planets not tainted by rebellion. Mutiny upsets the scheme of progress for an age and deprives inhabitants of the visible presence of divine authority.

    On normal worlds the Prince’s staff and Adam and Eve, once incarnated, are available in perpetuity, permanently assigned. Their bodies are sustained by the special chemistry furnished by the leaves and fruit of the Tree of Life in association with an unrevealed spiritual circuit that courses through the Local Universe. Immortality thus conferred, though not available to humans, is a necessary feature for the planet’s administrators.

    The Tree of Life arrives with the Prince and his staff and is planted at the central temple of the planet’s headquarters, a temple to which the planet’s natives make pilgrimage. On worlds untouched by rebellion the Prince, the Adam and Eve, ably seconded by both types of Midwayers, establish the government of God and remain on the planet ministering to its inhabitants. For hundreds of thousands of years, until the final stages of the ages of Light and Life, both regimes are there to direct civilization into the portals of perfection.

    Even on normal worlds, evil is a possible choice. For freewill to exist the choice of evil, even sin and iniquity, must also be present. But it is not a dominate factor as it is on Urantia and other planets where rebellion took root. Even now these worlds rest under spiritual isolation. Quarantine will be a fact of living for Urantia and the others and will not be lifted until Lucifer has been tried in the courts of the Ancients of Days on Uversa, Orvonton’s capital sphere.

    I well know how shocking these facts are to the uninitiated human who chances to read this history. But I also know the time is ripe, humanity is mature enough, to hear the truth. Rebellion may be a fact, but it is not without remedy or end. Lucifer and most of those who refuse to admit their error are now detained. There they will remain until their trial is adjudicated or until they repent and accept the terms of rehabilitation. Most of us doubt he will, but mercy demands that he and his recalcitrant conspirators be given every opportunity. Such is the way of God, the most merciful, considerate, loving, and compassionate being who is also a father of all.

    Midwayer Culture

    Midwayers may be regarded as the first group of permanent inhabitants to be found on the various orders of worlds throughout the universes in contrast with evolutionary ascenders like the mortal creatures and the angelic hosts. Such permanent citizens are encountered at various points in the Paradise ascent.

    Both primary and secondary Midwayers are nonmaterial beings as regards nutrition and energy intake, but we partake of many human traits and are able to enjoy and follow your humor as well as your worship. When attached to mortals, we enter into the spirit of human work, rest, and play. But Midwayers do not sleep, neither do we possess powers of procreation. In a certain sense the secondary group are differentiated along the lines of maleness and femaleness, often being spoken of as “he” or “she.” They often work together in such pairs.

    As actual citizens of Urantia, Midwayers have a kinship interest in the destiny of this sphere. We are a determined association, persistently working for the progress of the planet. Our determination is suggested by the motto of our order: “What the United Midwayers undertake, the United Midwayers do.” We now function as a single corps, embracing both orders and numbering 10,992. We are at present governed alternately by the senior member of each order. This regime has obtained since our amalgamation into one group shortly after Pentecost.

    Midwayers are brought into existence fully developed—experiencing no period of growth or development from immaturity—we never cease to grow in wisdom and experience. Like mortals we are evolutionary creatures, and we have a culture which is a bona fide evolutionary attainment. There are many great minds and mighty spirits among the Urantia midway corps.

    Regarding Midwayers’ social associations, we are not unlike humans in that we have names and enjoy fraternal interactions in both work and recreation. On the formal universe records Urantia’s Midwayers have numeric (primary) or alphabetic (secondary) designations. Being the first-born primary Midwayer, mine is 1-2-3 the first, the next born is 4-5-6 the first, and so on. The first-born of the secondary group is A-B-C the first, the next D-E-F the first. Of course, we, like most of you, also have informal names by which we call each other.

    As stated, the loyal primary and secondary Midwayers joined to create the United Midwayers of Urantia. No such group exists on worlds untouched by rebellion. Ever since our union this loyal band has upheld Michael’s rule under the direction of the Melchizedek Receivers. Melchizedeks’ are another order of being created by Michael and the Divine Minister. They are a loyal order renowned as sagacious leaders and known for their versatility; they are in fact the senior of all other orders of Local Universe sonship. And not one of them has ever succumbed to rebellion in the long history of Nebadon. And that is why they step in when problems arise, problems such as rebellion on worlds where the Prince’s seat is vacant.

    The Melchizedek Receivers and the United Midwayers are now working in close cooperation to salvage Urantia’s rebellion-retarded civilization. This we do by fostering progress toward the planet’s eventual and inevitable goal, the ages of Light and Life. With the assistance of far-sighted humans and guidance from the Melchizedeks backed by the Most High, we will succeed. Rebellion may delay progress, create manifold difficulties, even cause temporary retrogressions, but it can never stop progress. Light and Life is inevitable thanks to the unceasing labors of dedicated humans, angels, Midwayers, Melchizedeks, Michael, the Divine Minister, and the spirit of God that indwells the human mind ever guiding you with parental affection and unswerving devotion.

    Midwayers have a crucial role in civilization’s advancement; we bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realms. We are your elders in the long journey from animal savagery to sublime nobility. We will remain your faithful friends until and after the dawn of Light and Life, the goal of the ages. But someday near perfection will attain and peace will prevail on Urantia, a day when goodwill shall abide in the hearts of all. At that point we will be permitted to leave and join you in the great journey of ascension from the mansion worlds to Paradise, the abode of God.

    While we tarry on Urantia we are always on hand whenever and wherever contact between humans and superhumans is needed. Our role as liaisons draws on our unique powers over material things, including animal life. Midwayers can, and sometimes do, employ the beasts of the planet in our work. Some of the seemingly miraculous occurrences you witness when animals appear to exceed their intelligence, do so as a result of our intervention. It is our intention not to be noticed, but as evolution ripens the world, more of our powers and abilities shall be revealed to you. Harmony and fraternity between spiritual agencies and human society will only increase as the ages pass and civilization matures.

    But it should be made clear that the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of “spiritualism.” The Midwayers at present on Urantia, all of whom are of honorable standing, are not connected with the phenomena of so-called “mediumship”; and we do not, ordinarily, permit humans to witness our sometimes necessary physical activities or other contacts with the material world, as they are perceived by human senses.

    Midwayers are planet bound, but much as mortals talk with travelers from afar and thus learn about remote places on the planet, so do Midwayers converse with celestial travelers to learn about the far places of the universe. In this way we become conversant with this System and others, even with Orvonton and its sister creations, and so do we prepare ourselves for citizenship on the higher levels of creature existence.

    Urantia’s civilization is the joint product of mortals and Midwayers, and this is true despite the present differential between the two levels of culture, a differential which will not be compensated prior to the ages of Light and Life. The entire organization of high spirits, angelic hosts, and midway fellows is enthusiastically devoted to the furtherance of the Paradise plan for the progressive ascension and perfection attainment of evolutionary mortals, one of the supernal businesses of the universe—the superb survival plan of bringing God down to man and then, by a sublime sort of partnership, carrying man up to God and on to eternity of service and divinity of attainment—alike for mortal and Midwayer.

    Midway culture is largely impervious to the fluctuations of human civilization. We love you and, in concert with your guardian angels, we watch over you. When retrogressions occur—which they so often do on rebellion infected worlds—and you forget, we are there to record your doings, we remember your traditions and safeguard your acquired wisdom. These memories are held in trust and made available when circumstances are propitious, just as we helped record and publish the life and teachings of Jesus during the first half of the 20th century. We look forward with keen anticipation to the day when we are released from planetary duty to join you mortals in the ascent to higher heavens, even the highest.

    Sooner or later all accredited midway creatures will be mustered into the ranks of the ascending Sons and Daughters of God. We will be duly initiated into the adventure of the Paradise ascent in company with you mortals of animal origin, our earth brethren, whom we so jealously guarded and so effectively served during the long planetary sojourn from the emergence of individual human will to the sublime and harmonious synchronization of your collective will with the will of God.

    The ever-changing universes of time and space revolve around motionless Paradise, the center of infinity and absolute perfection; a place where all freewill sons and daughters aspire to meet God and receive the divine embrace. But there is much to learn before the day we find God on Paradise, much to experience on the worlds of evolutionary origin. That experience is enhanced and directed by your elder siblings, the Midwayers, the Seraphim, the Melchizedeks, the Most High, Michael and the Divine Minister. But Midwayers are not so advanced that we do not also learn while we serve. And the greatest service one being can offer another is a revelation of the truth of the enduring love and parental affection of God whose children we are.”


    Other Urantia based books by Richard E. Warren include: Resurrection Hall – A Mansion World Odyssey; Battlefield Guardians – Angels in Vietnam; The Gardens of Eden – Life and Times of Adam and Eve; The First Humans – Andon and Fonta; The Melchizedek Mission – Salvaging Truth; The Planetary Prince and Van the Steadfast – Revelation and Rebellion.

    Website: https://www.amazon.com/Richard-E-Warren/e/B07SF8DC3C?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000


    Richard E Warren


    https://youtu.be/oLtM15iBeQU. I’m new here and mostly new to the Urantia book. Thanks for starting this thread.  I appreciate the language lesson but I think I might have a different perspective. In case you’ve never seen a midwayer in action…that’s what the video is for. It’s 15 highly unusual events caught on camera.  Number 1 is of course, the midwayer. I recommend watching the whole video. My reasons for getting involved in the conversation I’ll share after I post a link for another one.  Let me know what you think. Thanks.


    https://youtu.be/TjoKbvx7IKE.  This video is important for the first 2:30. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to absorb the enormity of events of my life. I sob uncontrollably for a minute or so every time I watch this.  Let me know what you think. Thanks.


    Hi Bobbi,

    Whether this video is authentic or not doesn’t really matter for me. What does though, is why do you sob a little when watching it?


    As to your question of why do I sob when I watch the 2nd video I posted. I wish I knew. An overwhelming sense of AWE? An overwhelming sense of guilt? One reason is due to an overwhelming sense of why me? I’ve sensed the overwhelming sense of dismay, confusion and wonder at what just happened to them and I wonder if they have asked themselves why me later on. And, yes, I too have been snatched from the jaws of certain death by midwayer(s). I wondered about what/who it was that saved me but I took it in stride and lived my life. Only about 27-28 years ago I was introduced to the Urantia book. It took a while to find a readers group but I did. One night we read about the midwayers and I knew instantly who had saved me. For some reason the question came up of who has been saved by a midwayer. My hand was the only one up. I was immediately yelled at…what makes you so special? I could only say then what I say now… I have no idea 🥺.


    We always enjoy the feeling of being special ! But when this means you are unusual, it sort of feels odd. I thank you for your honest answer. I’ve ever so often felt that way! But with the ongoing years, I see things differently now. We are all just individuals living for a specific purpose.

    Sometimes, we go through some specific experience that can hardly have meaning for anyone else.

    I would say that when your soul dearly overwhelms you with such deep feelings, ones that give you a sense of closeness to universal awareness, you should treasure them. These instances, when they give you a feeling of relationship with cosmic evolution, should be used to sustain you in faith. We don’t have to know everything; just to be convinced that we are indeed alive for a specific purpose. The saying having faith is another expression of, been touched and will follow on to further realms.

    I also sob some times and for many reasons. I think this tendency emerges from gut feelings in some sort of ways, ones that – I imagine – come from the soul…because they seem to come from something we know from within, that have to be revealed to ourselves and be clearly made aware of. These things are the blossom of Morontial mind. Moreover, I think even the angels can have an occasional shed of blissful tears; they too evolve in their own spheres of activity and have feelings.

    In any case, Bobbie, if you wish further discussion on my part on this subject, please use my personal address: alain.cyr1@gmail.com

    I might have a snapshot for your art gallery concerning the ‘’why me’’ aspect of things.




    Hi there, I’m glad she’s here.

    [Edited] We know the goal of the Urantia experiment was to create a ruling elite by breeding the kids of the prince’s staff with the children of Adam and Eve. This experiment was designed to speed the day when all planets’ ultimate aim, the attainment of an age of light and life, is realized. In the next story, I’ll try to explain why the experiment failed and how Midwayers can help save the divine plan for Urantia.


    We know the goal of the Urantia experiment was to create a ruling elite by breeding the kids of the prince’s staff with the children of Adam and Eve. This experiment was designed to speed the day when all planets’ ultimate aim, the attainment of an age of light and life, is realized. In the next story, I’ll try to explain why the experiment failed and how Midwayers can help save the divine plan for Urantia.

    Greetings Scott…


    Some text references would be appreciated.

    I did not “know” this at all.   Who is “we” I wonder who “knows” this?

    I look forward to your explanations.

    Thank you.

    Also, please consider voluntarily removing the inappropriate and unwelcome commercial link in your post above.  Use the edit function.  Such a token of sincerity would be appreciated.



    please consider voluntarily removing the inappropriate and unwelcome commercial link in your post above.

    We edited out the *commercial link* in the scottroger reply.



    Hi there!


    I’ve been an Urantia Book reader since 1994, and now I am visited Australia invited by my son who lives in Brisbane, and since I arrived to this beautiful and advanced country, I just started wondering how much had Australia advanced in reading UB. And by the way I am from Colombia S.A, and retired electrical engineer, and loved so much Sci-fi and it’s amazing how UB supersedes so much our best SCI-FI, and the same with our science, I mean cosmological science. And specially this story about midwayers and our past that seems we don’t know so much, and that explains the great confusion of our planet.

    My best Regards


    ;-) :-( :good:


    Richard E Warren
    Richard E Warren

    Hi there! I’ve been an Urantia Book reader since 1994, and now I am visited Australia invited by my son who lives in Brisbane, and since I arrived to this beautiful and advanced country, I just started wondering how much had Australia advanced in reading UB. And by the way I am from Colombia S.A, and retired electrical engineer, and loved so much Sci-fi and it’s amazing how UB supersedes so much our best SCI-FI, and the same with our science, I mean cosmological science. And specially this story about midwayers and our past that seems we don’t know so much, and that explains the great confusion of our planet. My best Regards Edgar ;-) :-( :good:

    Hi Edgar, yes, thank God for revelations about the Midwayers and so much more! It turns Sci-fi into Spi-fi, spirit-fiction, except that its all true, the Midwayers, Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, Michael, the Divine Minister, even the Havona natives. Such a book on such a planet :good: :good: :good:


    Richard E Warren


    Hi Richard,

    We are definitely very fortunate to have the opportunity to know in such a detail way the history of our past that as you point out is Pure Spi-fi for real! :good: :good: :good:

    My best Regards


    edgar wrote:
    Hi there! I’ve been an Urantia Book reader since 1994, and now I am visited Australia invited by my son who lives in Brisbane, and since I arrived to this beautiful and advanced country, I just started wondering how much had Australia advanced in reading UB. And by the way I am from Colombia S.A, and retired electrical engineer, and loved so much Sci-fi and it’s amazing how UB supersedes so much our best SCI-FI, and the same with our science, I mean cosmological science. And specially this story about midwayers and our past that seems we don’t know so much, and that explains the great confusion of our planet. My best Regards Edgar    <!–more–>
    Greetings and welcome Edgar!!
    Lots of friendly readers of the UB Down Under! Enjoy!
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