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    Rick Warren
    Rick Warren

    Last night at IC17 in Denver, Colorado USA, there was an excellent presentation from a host of tireless toilers of the Urantia community. All of whom, like you, are part of the rapidly emerging global community of reader/believers of The Urantia Book.

    In this very well done presentation you will see how the UB is taking root in the Easter Islands, and the people who made it happen by simply taking small but important steps in seeding our new revelation, wherever they are. You will discover what the amazing and innovative younger readers are creating, a Urantia Book Network. This is a new approach that makes good use of the technological revolution in world-wide communications and social media. You will view 50+ year old (recently discovered) short, silent films of Dr William and Dr Lena Sadler, their son Bill, and many of the early readers and Forum members on whose shoulders we now stand.

    There is so much packed into this two hour presentation that will enthrall and inspire, awe and amaze, at the depth and breadth of the seeding activities that are now underway or have already been completed. It features music makers, movie creators, book disseminators, social innovators, many of whom you know, or will know, as we continue to build our team of global servers, workers, and lovers. Ones who are using their time and talents to create the foundations of the dawn of the ages of Light and Life on Urantia, our world of origin, and the site of Christ Michael’s seventh and final bestowal. Surely he is pleased by this.



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