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    Mark Kurtz

    Mechanical Mara! Could I use my USA pilot license? Exciting new experiences are awaiting us! But hey! I suspect they do not promote frivolity! All machines must be wisely utilized and, uh O, maintained too! Eh?



    All machines must be wisely utilized and, uh O, maintained too! Eh?

    Apparently there are no chimneys in their manufacturing areas. No smoke, maybe no residues of any kind generated from burning.

    46:2.7 [Part II]
    The manufacturing or laboratory sector of Jerusem is an extensive domain, one which Urantians would hardly recognize since it has no smoking chimneys; nevertheless, there is an intricate material economy associated with these special worlds, and there is a perfection of mechanical technique and physical achievement which would astonish and even awe your most experienced chemists and inventors. Pause to consider that this first world of detention in the Paradise journey is far more material than spiritual. Throughout your stay on Jerusem and its transition worlds you are far nearer your earth life of material things than your later life of advancing spirit existence.
    And this is intriguing:
    44:0.15 [Part II]
    All these activities of the morontia and spirit worlds are real. To spirit beings the spirit world is a reality. To us the material world is the more unreal. The higher forms of spirits freely pass through ordinary matter. High spirits are reactive to nothing material excepting certain of the basic energies. To material beings the spirit world is more or less unreal; to spirit beings the material world is almost entirely unreal, being merely a shadow of the substance of spirit realities.
    I always wondered why there would need to be gates in the buildings they constructed – probably because some personality forms cannot freely pass through “ordinary matter”.  Would Material Sons and Daughters have to go in and out of gates? I would think so.
    46:5.11 [Part II]
    These seven circles of the Sons are concentric and successively elevated so that each of the outer and larger circles overlooks the inner and smaller ones, each being surrounded by a public promenade wall. These walls are constructed of crystal gems of gleaming brightness and are so elevated as to overlook all of their respective residential circles. The many gates — from fifty to one hundred and fifty thousand — which penetrate each of these walls consist of single pearly crystals.
    I imagine the shape of the structure of the seven circles of the Sons looks something  like and upside down cone, or funnel-shaped.
Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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