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    Dearly beloved friends,

    I have just posted this information on the UAI List but thought it would also be of interest to the wider readership.

    Exciting things are happening out there with regard to the Fifth Epochal Revelation. I would invite you to pay a visit to the website entitled The Christ Experiment ( Take a look at Experiment number 6. This website has been created by a group of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses (I used to be one myself) who have either left the Watchtower organisation of their own accord or have been disfellowshipped. They have discovered the FER and have fallen in love with the story of Christ Michael’s 7th bestowal on Urantia. Not long before Christmas, I was contacted by one of these ex-JWs living not far away from me here in my home state of Tasmania. He found my phone number on the ANZURA website. He introduced me to their website. He wanted to know if there was a study group he could attend. He had never had any prior contact with either the Foundation or the Association. He was incredibly excited about the UB and in particular with Jesus’ story. He claimed that “millions” of JWs and ex-JWs have visited the Christ Experiment website. As you’ll see if you look at some of the reader comments, these people are on fire for the revelation. This man and his wife and another woman whom they were trying to convert to the JWs have now joined our very humble study group literally doubling its size overnight. They are as keen as mustard!! They have already committed themselves to attending our next national conference in Sydney in October this year. This man’s wife, who left the JWs only a year ago and has only been reading the UB for about six months, has already drawn up a whole host of laminated A3 posters summarizing key papers and the stages of Jesus life and ministry. They are extremely well done and will make an excellent resource for both new and experienced readers. It seems that behind the scenes, our angelic brothers have been keeping very busy!!
    Love to you all!
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