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    Richard E Warren
    Richard E Warren

    This is so beautiful “As we chatted, darkness closed in and the stars came out in remarkable brilliance. There was no moon that night and the only lights in the area were an occasional cigarette being lit behind cupped hands. We stared up at the Milky Way. It was starrier than I’d ever seen. It looked like a giant rip in the cosmos, a great tear in the sky. I couldn’t help wondering if there were other inhabited worlds, and whether there were soldiers on those worlds watching the silent sky and thinking about the comforts of home and the insanity of war. As we watched the starry ceiling above, a soft chorus of crickets suddenly sang out.”

    I’ve placed an order for this book and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can finish reading. Rick Warren, I’m absolutely grateful for the books you’ve been putting out, reading Resurrection Hall: A Mansion World Odyssey was a thrilling experience that actually got my heart racing. I finished the book just before my girlfriend crossed the finish line after running her first half marathon and I couldn’t help but think that is how we’ll feel in the morontia realm.

    Rick, there is a question I’d love to ask you, and seeing that you are a veteren and retired repairman, I imagine you may be able to give me a good answer. I’ve been considering joining the Air Force as an HVAC technician, and possibly also learning about Cable and Antenna Systems. I love the idea of going through the training to develop my character to its fullest, pushing myself beyond my limits, and qualifying myself for a future career as an HVAC technician. I’m 25 so I’m not too old to join the AF yet, and I am literally obsessed with the Urantia book, which leads me to a major philosophical dilemma; I would never take another human life and would strive to avoid combat. I imagined I could serve under a four year contract and get all of the education I need to live out the rest of my life as an HVAC technician, although the job is in such a high demand that most companies will pay for your education under an apprenticeship program. I currently run a community discord server that I host, “The Urantian Think Tank” and as a hobby I make 3d models of industrial machines and equipment as an environment artist as a part of Tripmine Studios, working on the game Operation: Black Mesa. My dream is to someday create meaningful videogames for kids and families.

    I imagine you would hopefully be able to give me some advice on your opinions joining the military, and I mainly want to know if I could serve for four years without engaging in combat if I’m an HVAC Tech or Cable & Antenna repairman. My girlfriend is supportive and also wants to encourage me to be the best that I can be. After all, the UB places character development at the heart of our eternal career. It was particularly inspiring to read the “Memorial Service for Bill Sadler” where he was praised for his service as a marine, and I’ve heard Bill Sadler Jr. in his lectures compare our life on Earth to his experience in bootcamp on Parris Island.

    Do you think the Air Force is something I should continue to consider? Would I encounter others in the military who hold strong spiritual values or religious convictions that would prevent them from ever engaging in combat? From what I understand you will never encounter a combat situation if you’re not in infantry or something similar.

    Thanks. :)

    Thank you Magmasloth64!

    Much appreciate the positive feedback. Hope you enjoy Battlefield Guardians, and that you find the wisdom to choose the very best path for your career. Yes!! The Mansion worlds and beyond hold sooo much promise and potential. I will see you there, if not before :good:

    The Air Force men I know all received excellent tech educations and traveled a lot. That served them well the rest of their lives. The ones directly in harm’s way are the combat pilots, (like McCain). Of course, company apprenticeships can be just as valuable, technically speaking. When I don’t know what to do about an important decision, retreating in prayer and worship usually brings a firm and unequivocal answer.

    Best o’ luck/speed with the video games and the think tank. Secondary works reflect on the UB’s breadth, depth, and bring more attention, hearts, and minds to enlightenment. Congrats on finding and recognizing the revelation so young in the marathon of life. You must be a hungry soul. 

    Fraternally, Rick


    Richard E Warren

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