Focus on the Father—Going to God’s Place

Hey, let’s go to God’s place! That may be a figure of speech but it’s for real—there is a place (outside of time and space) we can go without traveling, without planning, and without any tickets or travel documents. It’s a place both within us and without us. Our sincere desire to go there is the precious personal passport that ensures our reservation and assures our destination.

When we sit quietly and go within, our friendly travel guide welcomes us and opens the boarding gate to the friendly universe. We don’t know how this works because it’s like spiritual magic; the unparalleled experience of personal communion with God does not depend on knowing the mystery of how it works. This is a very good thing for us tadpoles! We are indwelt with a fragment of God—like a divine fractal—so when we peer deeply into that unified particle of Fatherly LOVE we discover God’s infinite cosmic realities and his personal presence is revealed to us according to our capacity, intimately known by our inner soul-mate. When you exercise the spiritual courage to pray for even a tiny sliver of divine bandwidth, to enter the holy temple of true worship, be prepared to be revelated! 

The amount of God we can experience is determined by our capacity for reception, which is conditioned by a bundle of factors driven foremost by our progress in adopting favorable conditions for contact, and augmented by the sincere motive to share friendship with God. As with any personal relationship, it requires spending time with the person we desire to know, even to love. The friending process is the same for persons we can see as for persons we can’t see. Persistence in seeking the Father develops a divining process in us; we become more like the one we worship.

This spirit familiarity—literally getting to know our spirit family—unfolds in the arena of mind, for our thoughts do lead us Godward. So often we resist the divine for pretentious reasons, including our fear of the unknown and shame in our human imperfection. Let that nonsense go! Assisting us in ceasing to resist is the mission of our pre-personal spiritual coach. Obey those instructions!

The more we know of God, the more our fears are replaced with love, both for the loving person of God and our fellow persons who need our love. The more we realize a greater capacity for this incoming and outflowing love, the more we realize God consciousness. These feelings of love take origin in our thoughts and the entire divining process is accelerated when we focus on the Father. The content of our thoughts about God, even our human confusions about deity, are of no real concern because we are gifted with Mystery Monitors who adjust our immature notions of God and magnify our humble adoration of the Heavenly Father. This spiritual technology encourages experimentation as surely as it defies explanation.

And it all begins with the decision-choice to head on over to God’s place. Enjoy your stay! 

Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not. — Genesis 28:16