Farewell Moussa Ndiaye

On the 29th of March of this year Moussa Ndiaye, a long-time reader and a great teacher of The Urantia Book teachings, passed away. Moussa was the first president of the national Urantia Association of Senegal and over many years traveled to Europe, Canada, and the United States to attend conferences as well as to present a series of seminars based on The Urantia Book teachings. His goal was to help uplift spiritual consciousness in men and women of many faiths whether they were Urantia Book readers or not.

I first met Moussa in 2000 in New York during the Urantia Association’s international conference at Staten Island. From my first meeting with him, I was impressed by the man and by what he had achieved in his country. He was able to share The Urantia Book’s teachings to more than eight hundred people of the Muslim faith with the help of a unique method he devised called “Progressive Divine Wisdom,” which is based on The Urantia Book’s teachings.

Moussa was a professional teacher by trade but, for the most part, he preferred to be a teacher of truth. He never tired of talking about our spiritual Father’s infinite love for mankind. He truly committed his life to helping everyone he could achieve God consciousness so they would be spiritually free and able to progress on their own with God as their partner.

Many have been privileged to know him as a teacher and learn from him. His spiritual legacy is still very much alive in Senegal in a group of spirit-born individuals who have been trained to pursue his method of teaching in the Muslim community not only in Senegal but also in other countries of Africa. His legacy also lives on in the hearts and minds of those men and women he taught during his life. A series of his seminars are available in French on YouTube.

Safe journey my friend in your new adventure in our local universe.