Farewell Herrol Dallaire, Quebec

Herrol Dallaire2The passing of a dedicated servant…

A few years ago, as part of an outreach initiative to meet Urantia Book readers in the far regions of the province of Quebec where I live, a group of board members of our local association, while visiting one of those regions, met this reader, Herrol Dallaire whom on our first meeting offered his help as a translator.

My wife Line, who was doing a lot of translation work for our association, was delighted by this offer. A new friendship started to grow and the more we worked with Herrol, the more we discovered how generous and forthcoming he was with his time. He even did a lot more than we asked him to do. For example, one day after he read the book “Heaven is Not the Last Stop” written by Sheila Keene-Lund, he offered to translate it into French, and soon enough the translation was done.

Herrol never even once complained about the requests that were made of him to translate many documents, no matter how many or how long they were, always replying, “This is my service for the revelation and the readers”. In the last year, after we asked him if he wanted to be part of the team of translators for Urantia Association International’s Website, he accepted without hesitation and even bought himself a new computer so he could do the job better. This is how dedicated Herrol was, a man with limited financial resources who had worked most of his life in the great forest of Quebec.

We did not know much about Herrol’s personal life, only that his wife died two years ago. The last time we saw Herrol was last year during the International conference. We learned of his passing from one of his brothers after trying to reach him by phone.

He will be sorely missed by many of us for he was an untiring servant whom we could always trust to deliver the work he was given.

In spirit of brotherhood,
Gaetan Charland and Line St-Pierre