Farewell Ed Owen

Ed Owen, long time Urantia Book reader, beloved friend to many and husband of Susan Owen, recently passed away on the 23rd of November. Susan wrote, “Ed began his journey across the universes and the cosmos yesterday. He was ready to leave this earthly plane on his eternal adventure. He had 86 good years on this planet full of an amazing variety of friendships and experiences—he had so many wonderful stories to tell. He held his friends close and was able to say goodbye to many. He loved to tell people “I am a son of God and you are my brother/sister.”

Susan served on the International Service Board as Secretary for ten years and both she and Ed have been a much loved and respected dynamic duo in the Urantia Book reader community. Ed will be greatly missed, and our hearts and prayers go out to Susan at this time of her loss.

As word of Ed’s passing circulated on social media, many loving replies from friends were received. Here are some excerpts:

Gaetan Charland:
Ed Owen, a good friend of mine and a husband to a very dear friend has passed away this week. Ed was one of those human beings who left a very good impression on you. Always joyful and passionate about the many things in life that interested him, painting, golf, teaching and many other interests. His wife Susan Owen survived him and will keep the memory of Ed alive till her meeting with him again in the afterlife. Good and safe travel my friend to the other world.

John and Jane Ploetz:
One of the best weeks of my life was spent with Ed. We drove together from southern California to Salt Lake City for the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 2015. We stopped for a hike in Bryce Canyon National Park on the way. Ed’s deep compassion for other people was matched by his wacky sense of humor. He had a wonderful ability to connect with all kinds of people. His long life was full of adventures and now he is launched on the greatest adventure of all. We will miss you, Ed, but we know that we are all just passing through this world. God is in charge and He called you to begin your journey. I have no doubt I will see you again and we’ll serve together in a better world than this. Our prayers are with you, Susan. You were the light of Ed’s life.

James Woodward:
Ed Owen and I met in 1974, the year after I found the book. And then I forgot… but he didn’t forget about me. Ed organized a “Urantia Book Meeting,” like an introductory meetup. He wanted to promote the book and put up flyers. I was very curious to meet other readers and showed up. There were 6-8 people there and Ed was working it, talking up the book and taking some questions. He asked me how much of the book I’d read and seemed quite surprised when I told him the whole thing. It was years later that he confessed he hadn’t yet read the whole book and was very impressed to meet someone who had!

More than 25 years later, this unfamiliar person came up to me at a conference and said, “Did you ever go to a Urantia Book meeting in Palm Springs in about 1974?” It all came rushing back to me, a lost memory, as I had been a solitary reader for almost all those years. But here was Ed telling me, “I was that guy who organized the meeting and you blew me away by showing up having read the entire book.” I was amazed that he remembered me. What an incredible memory! So we reconnected and many times reminisced that first meeting. He became a true and trusted friend and steadfast colleague for these many years. Such friends as Ed Owen make life truly worth living. I rejoice that he is now healed and look forward to our continuing journey.  

There are too many memories to pick from. Ed was like family to us. He always had wisdom to share, something funny to say and everyone that met him loved him. How lucky we were to have him in our lives.

I am so lucky to have had lots of conversations that were enlightening with Ed. I’m sure he is hanging with Rembrandt about this time. Stay safe and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

You were and always will be a friend, a mentor and a pillar for helping me throughout the years I was fortunate to spend with you on Urantia Earth.

Ed was a gentle soul. He was very easy to talk with and kindness immersed from him… Our memories can be treasured forever until we meet our loved ones again in eternity. Sending love and prayers your way for you and Ed!

My dear Ed…. we see you off on your journey through the universes…. you enriched our lives with undying friendship, many hours of smiles and provocative thought.