An Exciting Service Opportunity  

“Service”—a search of The Urantia Book nets over 630 mentions of “service.” It is the first of the divine fruits of the spirit—loving service. Service is vital for spiritual growth, yet at this very moment, we do not have enough volunteers. There are over 30 projects supporting Urantia Association International and the revelation that are on hold awaiting volunteers willing to serve.

Over the life of the Association, there have been too many good program ideas that have been shelved because there was no one to do the work. We hope to change this with an exciting new service opportunity.

We are looking for someone to serve as our Central Office Volunteer Coordinator. Just one person with the right skills can make all the difference in the success of the work the Association does.

We are looking for someone who is naturally outgoing and friendly, who can communicate effectively with a variety of people. We require a detail-oriented and organized person who is comfortable working on and tracking multiple projects at once. You must be an effective oral and written communicator with superior writing skills, as well as computer, internet and social media skills. You are a good team member, and a self-starter who can work effectively without supervision.

The Central Office Volunteer Coordinator works directly with the Urantia Association International Executive Administrator and ISB Committees to identify volunteer opportunities, assists with the development of volunteer job descriptions including qualifications and skills, recruits volunteers for open positions, interviews applicants, provides opportunities and orientation, and tracks the success of each volunteer placement.

Are you the right person? Then please apply.

Do you know someone who might be? Then share this opportunity with them. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to serve.

Fill out the Volunteer Application at:

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