European Urantia Leadership Meeting

27th October to 29th October, 2017


The ​meeting ​starts ​on ​Friday ​the 27th ​at ​6 ​pm ​with ​welcoming ​and ​presentations ​of ​the ​National ​and ​Local ​Associations, ​and ​ends ​on ​Sunday the 29th ​with ​a ​lunch ​at ​2 ​pm.

We ​encourage ​you ​to ​discuss ​these ​plans ​with ​the ​leaders ​of ​your ​Association ​as ​part ​of ​the ​preparation ​process ​for ​the ​meeting.



These are the ​special rates ​to ​attend ​this ​event:

– 55 ​Euro ​conference ​fee ​
– 120 ​Euro ​for ​two ​night’s ​accommodation ​in ​a ​double ​room ​(full ​board) ​- ​needs ​to ​be ​paid ​during ​check-in
– 200 ​Euro ​for ​two ​night’s ​accommodation ​in ​a ​single ​room ​(full ​board) – ​needs ​to ​be ​paid ​during ​check-in


It ​is ​important ​to ​register ​as ​soon ​as ​possible! Register here before September 29, 2017.

To register your Conference Package without accommodation, you need to use RegOnline: Click here There you can pay with Credit card, Paypal and via wire transfer.

You can book your room by clicking here or ask the European Continental Coordinator, Antonio Schefer, to reserve a room for you!

The special rates are available from Thursday, October 26. to Monday, October 30.


Full ​board ​consists ​in ​(included ​water ​and ​house ​wine):

Dinner ​on ​27/10/17
Breakfast ​on ​28/10/17
Lunch ​on ​28/10/17
Dinner ​on ​28/10/17
Breakfast ​on ​29/10/17
Lunch ​on ​29/10/17



Av. Mare de Déu de Montserrat 48
Sitges 08870 (Barcelona) Spain
Tel +34 938 94 70 00
Website Hotel
Email: [email protected]


The ​venue ​is ​located ​30 ​km ​from ​the ​Barcelona ​airport ​in ​the ​quiet, ​residential ​area ​of ​Sitges ​at ​hotel ​Ibersol ​Antemare. ​

There are three airports in Catalunya region that could be considered viable flight destinations for a holiday in Sitges. These airports are situated in Barcelona, Girona and Reus. Barcelona Airport is the largest and the closest to Sitges. However, both Girona and Reus airports are popular for flights with low-cost airlines. Of the three airports, Barcelona Airport is the closest to Sitges and Girona is the furthest away.

Barcelona Airport, see our Guide to Transfers to Sitges from Barcelona Airport.

Girona Airport, see our Guide to Transfers to Sitges from Girona Airport.

Reus Airport, see our Guide to Transfers to Sitges from Reus Airport.


The Ibersol Antemare Spa hotel is located in a residential area a couple of minutes walk from the beach and 5 minutes from the bustling center, full of the best atmosphere, shops, restaurants.

Less than 1 hour from Barcelona, ​​they make it the ideal place to stay, take a break, and tour this beautiful city.

Additional information

Also, ​it’s ​very ​important ​for ​all ​the European ​Associations ​to ​participate ​and ​give ​their ​input ​for ​this ​meeting. ​

If ​you ​are ​not ​able ​to ​participate ​in ​this ​event, ​we ​urge ​you ​to ​send ​another ​person ​to ​represent ​your ​Association.

In ​Friendship,

Antonio ​Schefer ​
(European ​Continental ​Coordinator)

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