Jesus Pedagogy

As a lifelong teacher and, during the last years, as a reader of The Urantia Book, I want to convey some ideas on Jesus’ pedagogy to everyone participating in this Conference. In spite of all the fighting against the spreading of his teachings, some have survived and have continued to attract the attention and love … read more of Jesus Pedagogy.

Michael: An Example of Love, Truth and a Way of Life

Everyone in this conference knows who Michael is as well as the example and legacy of the life that he led. The theme of this Conference is “Under the Light of Love” and it is precisely Michael of Nebadon—self-bestowed on this planet as Jesus of Nazareth—who is known as “the light of the world.” We can … read more of Michael: An Example of Love, Truth and a Way of Life.

Service, the expression of love

The search for God, and service in the spiritual brotherhood of man are concepts which go together. In fact, service results from the relationship of God and His children. The love received from our celestial father sooner or later leads us into service towards our brothers and sisters. This aspect of the fifth revelation is … read more of Service, the expression of love.

Our Call – A New Revelation of Jesus and His Kingdom

The Urantia Book declares that, “living faith is God-knowing and man-serving.” … living religious faith is more than the association of noble beliefs; it is more than an exalted system of philosophy; it is a living experience concerned with spiritual meanings, divine ideals, and supreme values; it is God-knowing and man-serving. [Paper 101:8, page 1114:6] … read more of Our Call – A New Revelation of Jesus and His Kingdom.

Concerning Dissemination

What does The Urantia Book instruct concerning the dissemination of its teachings? We may note that The Urantia Book does not come up with any explicit instructions concerning the dissemination of the Revelation. We can of course study the methods employed in the dissemination of the four earlier revelations and then endeavor to apply the same methods … read more of Concerning Dissemination.

Tales of Joshua

A Tale of Jesus for Children Tales of Joshua is the story of Jesus’ life taken from The Urantia Book and is designed for children aged 6-12, but is enjoyable for readers of all ages. These tales begin with the traditional “Christmas Story” and follow Jesus through his childhood years in Alexandria and Nazareth. The … read more of Tales of Joshua.

Workbooks for The Urantia Book

Originally published in the 1950s and 1960s, these study aids were authored by Dr. William S. Sadler and Alvin Kulieke to serve as texts to train teachers and students of The Urantia Book. These new 6″ x 9″ paperback books, published by Urantia Foundation in 2003 are printed on top-quality paper, feature full-color covers and … read more of Workbooks for The Urantia Book.