God the Great Supervisor

There is a belief, well spread in many religious movements, stating that the tribulations we experience through the course of our terrestrial life have been sent by God to put us on trial and help us progress in spirituality. Humanity has always attributed to some celestial personalities the account for the extra-ordinary events of life, … read more of God the Great Supervisor.

Reflections for Teachers and Believers in the Fifth Epochal Revelation

The fourth epochal revelation—the one brought by our Creator Son to his world under the human identity of Jesus of Nazareth—is very closely related to the next one, the fifth epochal revelation contained in The Urantia Book. That may be why, when we read Part IV of the book, we cannot help feeling the midwayers in … read more of Reflections for Teachers and Believers in the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

On Studying The Foreword to The Urantia Book

During my first several years of study with The Urantia Book, I repeatedly returned to the Foreword to see what I might grasp of its intended, yet daunting meanings. And each time I found my understanding slowly increasing. Until that is, I got to the second page. Here, no matter how intense my intellectual purpose … read more of On Studying The Foreword to The Urantia Book.

The Door is Open, Let Whosoever Will, Come

Such is the embracing generosity of the Father, he extends his welcome to each of us to accept the gift of eternal life and the ever increasing capacity for experiencing the joy of existence…true adventure! Many readers have savoured the words “whosoever will,” for which a search results in seven quotes as follows. whosoever will … read more of The Door is Open, Let Whosoever Will, Come.

The Path of Faith

Introduction Faith can be looked on in many ways.  Being a fundamental element of any consideration of religion, it receives the attention of the revelators in so many ways that the word is mentioned 543 times in The Urantia Book.  You are all familiar with the importance of faith, so I am treading familiar ground. … read more of The Path of Faith.

Study Groups – In-depth Study – Strategy & Practice

Introduction The purpose of this presentation is to share with you several years of experience with conducting IN-DEPTH study groups and seminars and making them attractive based on the revelators’ pedagogy. I shall therefore remind you of the mandate given to the revelators by the universe authorities. Analyze the purpose and key point of their … read more of Study Groups – In-depth Study – Strategy & Practice.

Finding & Framing Truth

Twenty eight years ago Carl Sagan’s TV series “Cosmos” was first shown. The content is now dated, and easily forgotten, but who could forget his sincerity, and the enthusiasm with which he presented what at the time were revelations to the public about the cosmic context of mankind? The unveiled joy and unfeigned awe with … read more of Finding & Framing Truth.

Elements of Reality and Positional Values

Prologue First there was the thought, the Universal Father. Then the word, the Eternal Son. And then the act, the Infinite Spirit. And they function as one mighty author, creator and sustainer of reality; the Paradise Trinity. From these circles of the oneness of infinity and eternity, on out to the finite edges of the … read more of Elements of Reality and Positional Values.

Being Human – A New Paradigm

The Urantia Book presents a helpful, new conceptual paradigm of the composition of a human being. New meanings describe our basic components, how they function together, and why. It offers an alternative conceptual framework for thinking about our experience in new ways, and in the process, enhances our comprehension and appreciation of who we are. Read More of Being Human – A New Paradigm.

Moved to Worship

As a human being, we have initially no sensitivity to spiritual realities. We are sensitive only to material things and in this field, science has come to tell us our limits. What we perceive of this material reality is what our eyes let us see of the visible band, what our ears let us hear … read more of Moved to Worship.

The Search for Perfection or the Quest for the Grail

I recall having, at a certain period of my life, discussions with my friends on what perfection is. We concluded that it consists in possessing the totality of knowledge and experience. I retained this definition until I read The Urantia Book which, need I say, constantly refers to the attainment of perfection. This concept is … read more of The Search for Perfection or the Quest for the Grail.

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop

A Vision for Personal Transformation, Spiritual Unity, and Cultural Progress Fundamental concepts from The Urantia Book Words from the author: “Have you ever asked yourself why our world is burdened with intolerance, prejudice, and hate when the foundations of all major religions are love, peace, and service? Do you wonder why we can’t seem to … read more of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop.

Teamwork – Where do We See Ourselves as a Group of Pioneer Religionists for the Fifth Epoch?

When I read The Urantia Book, I find that many of the concepts seem to have been designed to act as a springboard. The concepts presented are merely ideas—they don’t become real or meaningful and they don’t really have true value unless they’re pondered, embraced, and put into action by the reader/believer. If there is … read more of Teamwork – Where do We See Ourselves as a Group of Pioneer Religionists for the Fifth Epoch?.

The Perfect Life Plan

Introduction The high level of personal development – spiritual insight – can result from the application of the revelations contained in the Urantia Papers. This program gives a simplified yet comprehensive overview of the teachings and is suitable for general readers or for students keen to make a more detailed study. These sequential quotations can be … read more of The Perfect Life Plan.

Concerning Dissemination

What does The Urantia Book instruct concerning the dissemination of its teachings? We may note that The Urantia Book does not come up with any explicit instructions concerning the dissemination of the Revelation. We can of course study the methods employed in the dissemination of the four earlier revelations and then endeavor to apply the same methods … read more of Concerning Dissemination.

Undertaking a Personal Study of The Urantia Book

Introduction Reading The Urantia Book is like attending a conference. Many authors speak in sequence,covering a variety of topics. They speak in great accord, though they do not march in lockstep uniformity. Differences in specialization and personality are evident. To some extent, the earlier speakers anticipate the later ones, while the later ones show that … read more of Undertaking a Personal Study of The Urantia Book.