Salvation Not Purchased

Urantia Book readers may want to know about my new book, Salvation Not Purchased: Overcoming the Ransom Idea to Rediscover the Original Gospel Teaching (Cascade Books, 2020). About thirty years ago, I noticed that The Urantia Book gets very passionate whenever it confronts the Christian atonement doctrine. The narrators of the book point out that … read more of Salvation Not Purchased.

Urantia Life Lessons

A Personal Outreach I’m Alice Wood and I am the creator of the YouTube channel, Urantia Life Lessons. This is a platform designed to walk people through the teachings of The Urantia Book as they relate to our daily lives. Being a second-generation student of The Urantia Book, I became aware that children who are … read more of Urantia Life Lessons.

An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation

This is an introduction to the basic concepts of The Urantia Book, including quotations, illustrations, fold-out charts and glossary. Beginning with an overview, we are introduced to the nature of the Creator and creation, planetary history and dispensations, the Lucifer rebellion, Adam and Eve’s default, spiritual ministries to humans, and life after death. The last … read more of An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation.

The Urantia Book: The Question of Origin

The question most frequently asked by people who have discovered The Urantia Book is “Who could tell me something about the origin and authoring of the book?” This general question is usually followed by a number of more specific inquiries. Such interest in the origin of a book so stimulating and challenging as The Urantia Book is … read more of The Urantia Book: The Question of Origin.