A Call for Children’s Works

The family is the channel through which the river of culture and knowledge flows from one generation to another. [Paper 84:0.2, page 931.2] 

The Education Committee of Urantia Association International is in the planning stages of developing Urantia Book related programs for children and families as part of the Association’s outreach in the spreading of the revelation to the next generation.  

We know that many students of the book have devoted a lot of their service-time and energy in creating secondary works and study aids to assist families and their children as well as creating children’s programs for conferences or study groups. We ask those of you who have authored or created such works to please consider sharing your work with us.  

We are also developing a resource center of material so we can easily share these valuable creative endeavors and we would like to include your work in our children’s catalogue. This way we may build upon what already exists and share your work with others. If you are interested in contributing to this this program, please contact Jeannie Vázquez (Education Chair) at education[at]urantia-association[dot]org.