Book Fair Financial Aid Request


  1. Determine the amount of funding you are requesting in U.S. Dollars, Euros, Peso, etc.
  2. Please be aware that Urantia Association International offers to provide up to 50% of the total expenses incurred by the local or national association or individual for the event. The arrangement for banners, booth materials (handouts), advertising, etc. is the responsibility of the local/national association. (See Item # 4 below)
  3. Be sure to provide all requested information on the Financial Aid Form.
  4. Contact Urantia Foundation for assistance with books. Be sure to specify the number of books needed and the language (English, Spanish, French, etc.). You can also inquire about assistance with the booth materials from the Foundation.
  5. Please submit your request via the form below.
  6. For any questions about the Financial Aid Request Form please contact:

Willem Jeths
Dissemination Committee Chair
Urantia Association International
Email: [email protected]
+55 (35) 99971 9799 (Text OK)

Book Fair Financial Aid Form

  • Please enter the name of the National or Local Association organizing the Book Fair event.
  • Please enter full telephone number including country and area codes.
  • Please use the date format as shown in the following example: "25-29 March 2016"
  • Please specify whether the dimensions of the booth are in meters/centimeters or feet/inches.
  • Briefly describe your goals for this Book Fair event.
  • Please list the names of others who will be participating in this event.