Feria del Libro de Bolivia 2019 – Santa Cruz

The twentieth annual book fair took place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia from May 31 to June 11. The fair had 200 exhibitors and more than 80 book presentations. More than 50 international writers and about 100 national writers attended it, with the presence of the European Union as Guest of Honor. In the middle of all this exhibition was also present the most important book to all of us volunteers attending this fair: The Urantia Book.

The volunteers of our booth spent twelve days explaining the importance of this book for humanity. Many children, young students, and adults were also present. Despite the normal skepticism of some people, there were 273 souls that were sensitive to the truths of this book and left us their contact details to receive more information.

One of the most significant interactions we had, was that of an intelligent girl of about 10 years old who began to ask questions, and after listening to the answers she became serious. One could see in the expression of her gaze the excited satisfaction of finally having found the answers. And she cried, “Yes!” and between sobs, she told her father, “I don’t want any other book but this one.” I think it was the best moment of the whole fair.

About 2,500 informative leaflets were distributed and 24 books were sold. Also a lecture was given about the book, which was attended by about 30 listeners.

Thanks to the Father and all his helpers, the fair gave satisfaction to the volunteers for having contributed to the great work of spiritual evolution towards the Kingdom of Heaven and the Era of Light and Life.