Blue Club Meeting in Frankfurt

Readers at the Blue Club Meeting

Readers at the Blue Club Meeting

It was a small but interesting crowd which came together in Frankfurt, Germany on the weekend after Easter to meet for the fifth Blue Club meeting. Never heard of the Blue Club? It is a private, non-institutional fellowship of European Urantia Book readers – from the south in Spain to the north in Finland. Five years ago some people had an idea to talk, exchange experiences and to have a good time together in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. At the first meeting in 2011 (also in Frankfurt) someone had the idea to call this get-together the “Blue Club” – as blue is the Urantia color.

After having met last year at a larger conference in Berlin, this year it was again Frankfurt’s turn to host a smaller meeting. The hotel there already knows the “Urantian” people quite well because this hotel is also the place where German readers meet every year at the beginning of November.

Being together in the Blue Club always gives you a feeling of “coming home.” It is good to share the experience that you are not alone in your enthusiasm for The Urantia Book; that there are other readers all over Europe. As these words go to print I have learnt that there is now a small group in Italy, which used to be a white spot on the map even though the Italian translation has been around for some years.

But besides cultivating friendship and brotherhood there was also work to do: The Blue Club started planning a larger European conference to take place from 15 – 18 September 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. The topic will be Who is Jesus?

Christian Ruch,
Chur, Switzerland