ANZURA Study Aids


4-Part Video Introduction to The Urantia Book

Following is a series of short videos that give
a skillful and engaging overview of The Urantia Book that can be shared with Urantia Book readers and non-Urantia Book reader truth seekers alike.

Exploding Dark Islands  

by Nigel Nunn, November 2014

Exploding Dark Islands-Nigel

Many students of The Urantia Book start off quite impressed by its fabulous, “sci-fi” cosmology. But as naïve assumptions and misunderstandings about science get undermined, their interest in this “scientific content” can cool off. One student, who’d championed “Urantia Book science” for 20 years, recently hit this credibility wall. In a Urantia Book discussion forum, he asked (what he thought was) a rhetorical question:

“So, can YOU think of a novel scientific proposal of The Urantia Book that does not have a human origin? Can you think of something, anything, unique to the book that we might await science to discover independently?”

I could think of a few, but as a student of astrophysics, I’d become intrigued by one in particular. So I replied: “Here’s one: that black holes can explode.”

The Elements of Reality & Positional Values

by Trevor Swadling

First there was the thought, the Universal Father. Then the word, the Eternal Son. And then the act, the Infinite Spirit. And they function as one mighty author, creator and sustainer of reality; the Paradise Trinity. From these circles of the oneness of infinity and eternity, on out to the finite edges of the evolving universes of time and space all true “values”, “meanings” and “things” can be traced back to the great and mighty unified creative God of all creation.


Evolutionary Time LineEvolutionary Time Line Snip

by Dr. Robert Coenraads, 2012

The timeline of our planet’s history is indeed a long one.
Four thousand six hundred million (4,600,000,000) years from its birth as a fiery ball coalescing from a wildly spinning solar disk during a time aptly known as the Hadean Aeon to the present day is
an impossibly long time for anyone to imagine.



Fatherhoodfatherhood capture

by Vern Verass

Concepts covering fatherhood as it is experienced by mortals are presented as a series of slides comprising quotes from The Urantia Book in association with a selection of images in support of the related topic, home, family, marriage, fatherly attributes etc.



Entities, Beings and Personalities of The Urantia Book

by Pete DeCamp

Descriptions, functions and characteristics of revealed beings. Produced by members of the
Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association.

Index  to Entities, Beings and Personalitiescatch it
of The Urantia Book


Personality in The Urantia Book 

by George Park

Personality and Man
The Urantia Book Fellowship International Conference
Villanova University, July 31, 2005 -revised October 2006

When does Personality arrive
The Urantian Journal of Urantia Brotherhood
Spring, 1980

Personality and the Soul

First Philosophy
Urmia Symposium Series I, August 2003

celestial fireworksEternal Isle of Paradise

This is a work of over 17 individual papers dealing with revealed cosmology as in The Urantia Book.

“Revelation affords a common meeting ground for the discoveries of both science and religion and makes possible the human attempt logically to correlate these separate but interdependent domains of thought into a well-balanced philosophy
of scientific stability and religious certainty.” 103:7.9

With the guidance given by the celestial teachers who authored The Urantia Book  –“it is just as possible to find the personal presence of God at the center of all things as to find distant cities on your own planet.” 11:1.3
We no longer need be disoriented in the vastness of space. We can find the home of the Universal Father on the Eternal Isle of Paradise.