ANZURA Conference 2024 – Melbourne

4 –7 October 2024

This year’s ANZURA Annual Conference will be held 4 –7 October at the Edmund Rice Centre in Lower Plenty, Melbourne. It is a retreat and conference venue situated on the Yarra River in Lower Plenty. Nestled on 20 acres of native bushland, we will be surrounded by the peace and tranquility that only the natural bush setting can provide. It’s approximately 20 kilometres from the heart of Melbourne and 40 minutes from Melbourne’s International Airport.


Urantia Stock-Take – Past, Present and Future. How are we traveling? “Are we there yet”? If not, what do we need to do?

“Are we there yet”? Well, we’re working on it aren’t we? “How are we traveling?” and “What do we need to do to get there”? These are the big questions we will attempt to tease out at this year’s conference. The information revealed in The Urantia Book is a treasure-trove of spiritual insight, cosmic revelation, and historical knowledge. The answers to these questions are all in there just waiting to be discovered. The importance and seriousness of this storehouse of priceless gems is almost beyond description. The unveiling of the true teachings of Jesus and who he actually was and where he came from, gives power to those compelling teachings on Faith, Worship, Service, and Love. We need to be passionate about the entire Urantia revelation—from the Paradise Trinity down to the material worlds—to understand the significance of the big picture we are given of the past, present, and future of ourselves and the cosmos.

The world’s problem is the individual problem. Reality is made up of an accumulation of our decisions—the consequences of which fan out to the broader community. Each one of us can make a big difference when we embrace a true and living faith and when we are wholeheartedly dedicated to the doing of the Father’s will. This national gathering will give us the opportunity to enjoy the process of idealizing our future.

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