2021 Annual Report

President’s Message

When man goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do, happen

[Paper 132:7.9, page 1465.5]

Security in the Father’s Love

COVID-19 remained active throughout last year, exposing social difficulties and revealing much of human frailties. Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs or homes, are hungry, sick, and hopeless, and many have lost their dignity. But as always happens in situations of suffering, insecurity, and uncertainty, millions of people around the world also sought God by feeding themselves on spiritual faith and seeking comfort and security in the Father’s love.

Thanks to modern technology and media platforms such as Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube, Urantia Association International was able to maintain a strong presence. We welcomed and supported many new seekers, while strengthening the faith and hope of those already in our midst. Throughout this annual report, you will read about the achievements of our hard-working committees and of our affiliated associations around the world. I hope you will take a few minutes to appreciate their accomplishments.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual events had a strong impact on our member associations and attracted hundreds of new readers and students to the revelation. One shining example was Urantia Association’s International Conference, organized by the Peru National Association in April 2021. This team was able to come together to turn a long-planned in-person event into our first international Virtual Conference – “A Virtual Experience.” We also held several 24-hour “Urantiathons,” numerous weekend webinars, and dozens of online presentations and seminars.

Local Communities

We continued our active engagement in other projects. The Prisoner Inquiry Response Team (PIRT) enjoyed continuous activity and support. Book fairs in South America, so important to local communities, were limited due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic, but we were still able to participate in a few of them. We also distributed Urantia Books to several countries, thanks to the work of our local affiliates and with the encouragement and support of our Continental Coordinators. Our dissemination efforts continue to bring encouraging and inspiring results.

Thank You

Generous donors and sponsors sustained us in 2021 with sufficient contributions to cover our expenses. This income allowed us to pursue our mission of spreading the teachings around the world. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of you. Your gifts help us maintain an active Association, serving the revelation and our brothers and sisters in spirit. The results of your donations are reflected in these pages.

Enrique Traver

On behalf of the International Service Board


“In liaison with God, nothing — absolutely nothing — is impossible.”

[26:5.3, 291.3] 

For the second year in a row, the pandemic brought many challenges, but in 2021 we were better prepared, being more seasoned and resigned to the conditions of lockdowns. Instead of our expectations being dashed, the “new normal” had trained us to be more proficient in the organization of virtual conferences, webinars, and a variety of gatherings. We were learning to “feast upon uncertainty” and “to invigorate in the presence of difficulties” (26:5.3). Again, we saw hundreds of enthusiastic Urantia Book students joyfully flocking to these virtual experiences.

Cultural Diversity & Spiritual Unity

“You do not have to see alike or feel alike or even think alike in order spiritually to be alike.” [141:5.1, 1591.6] 

Urantia Association is a group of dedicated people from all nations who wish to transform the world by fostering and proclaiming the spiritual teachings so beautifully elaborated in The Urantia Book. The Association is specially designed for the inclusion of a diversity of languages, cultures, and nationalities while remaining true to our mission: “To foster the study of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings.”  

Most of our work is performed by a number of loyal and dedicated members and supporters who serve the revelation at the grass roots level of local and regional associations. Each person joins the International Association by becoming a member of one of these associations, usually defined by country of affiliation.  

The Association promotes spiritual unity among its members as well as a diversity of ideas, all the while devoted to the common purpose of spreading the good news of spiritual liberty. 

“Each of the apostolic teachers taught his own view of the gospel of the kingdom. They made no effort to teach just alike; there was no standardized or dogmatic formulation of theologic doctrines. Though they all taught the same truth, each apostle presented his own personal interpretation of the Master’s teaching. And Jesus upheld this presentation of the diversity of personal experience in the things of the kingdom, unfailingly harmonizing and co-ordinating these many and divergent views of the gospel at his weekly question hours.[148:1.2, 1658.1] 

Click on the link below to view our recent special issue of Tidings that features ways the teachings of the Urantia revelation are taking root around the world. 

“The good effort of each man benefits all men; the error or evil of each man augments the tribulation of all men. As moves the part, so moves the whole.” [12:7.11, 138.6]

Artists Spreading the Word

Inspirations of the Urantia Revelation—Beauty, Art, Music, and Expressions of the Soul 

“The high mission of any art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought of eternity.” [48:7.23, 557.7] 

“Art is mortal morontia, the intervening field between man, the material, and man, the spiritual.” [195:7.15, 2079.10] 

Personal ministry through the creation of derivative works is a popular way for creatively gifted Urantia Book readers to spread the teachings of the revelation. In August 2021, Urantia Association produced another highly successful 24-hour event which attracted over 850 attendees. This time we tried something different; we joined with 45 artists hailing from five continents who shared their creative works inspired by the teachings of The Urantia Book. Each artist presented uniquely different creations, so the entire weekend was truly filled with “Expressions from the Soul.”  

One attendee said: “I think it’s of great value to share the art inspired by the revelation. The love for our Father and his divine truth has stimulated many artists to create music, songs, paintings, literature, videos, beautiful images, and other artworks that reveal the inner spirit’s action in their beauty and harmony. Exhibiting this art is an excellent way to inspire our community of truth-seekers to look inside for strength and courage in these difficult times. These works of art and the shared, divine teachings are a balm to our soul, and I hope they gave the attendees an impulse to worship and to feel inspired to live increasingly the divine teachings, to be loving and spiritualized persons.” 

Click on the link below to see video presentations of this event.

“Neither is the universe like the art of the artist, but rather like the striving, dreaming, aspiring, and advancing artist who seeks to transcend the world of material things in an effort to achieve a spiritual goal.” [195:7.22, 2080.7]  

Artists’ Event YouTube Playlist

Getting Together for Study & Education

Urantia Book students love to get together to study and socialize. Why is that? We know that studying The Urantia Book together and sharing personal insights helps us to clarify, broaden, and deepen our understanding of the profound concepts and truths revealed in the book. Study groups, whether in person or online, are an effective way to reduce confusion of ideas and gain insights into how we can integrate the teachings into our everyday life-experiences as we expand cosmic awareness and enhance spiritual perception.   

With all this in mind, while most of the world was still in lockdown in 2021, Urantia Association again presented virtual experiences through conferences, webinars, and 24-hour Urantiathons (Zoom meetings).

Ibero-American Urantiathon

Leadership & Spirituality. In November we hosted a two-day virtual event which was a beautiful showcase of study and discernment, with presentations offered by students from Ibero-America countries in Spanish and Portuguese with simultaneous translations into Spanish, Portuguese, and English.  

Triennial International Conference

Towards Cosmic Citizenship—Your Time Has Come! In April we partnered with Peru Urantia Association to present our major international conference as a virtual experience via Zoom. This conference united readers from many continents in spiritual fraternity, inspiring us to reach for profound levels of spirituality as revealed in the Urantia teachings. The transit route in our ascending journey towards cosmic citizenship is to live each day as potential citizens of the universe. (Click here to read about the spiritual value of this event.) 

24-hour Urantiathon

Faith, Joy, and Peace. In January we saw another spiritually uplifting and soul-nourishing global 24-hour event.

Monthly Webinars

Our Education Committee arranged webinars in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, with the purpose of providing opportunities for study and reflection, as well as cultivating friendships among members of our world-wide community.  

Click on the link below to see video presentations of the above events.


The year 2021 has again been a challenging one for all of us. Thankfully, the International Service Board’s commitments to digital media and on-line networks for our committees, volunteers, members, study groups, and community allowed the Association to maintain its global presence. Our investments in organizational infrastructure and communications systems demonstrated their importance this past year. We are well set for 2022 as we received more donations and income than we spent, resulting in a budget and income surplus once again.

In 2021, Urantia Association International received $147,535 in revenue from members, affiliates, supporters, sponsored events, and services. This includes funds previously held at Chicago Community Trust ($51,830) that were returned to the Association and deposited into the Endowment Restricted Fund. Total expenses and service program disbursements amounted to $92,309, leaving the Association to begin 2022 in a positive financial position with a total budget of $104,715 and a cash balance of $189,817 as of January 1, 2022.

Income (in United States dollars) $
Ordinary Un-Restricted Contributions 76,671
Restricted Fund Contributions 19,034
Earned Income 0
Other Income 51,830
Total Income 147,535
Expenses $
Program Service Costs 36,767
Admin. Services Expenses 40,112
General Operations Expenses 15,430
Total Expense 92,309
Change in Net Income Adjusted 55,227

Looking Ahead

As the world seems to be opening up again after two long years of lockdowns, the future looks brighter for 2022 and invites us to countless actions! We hope to revitalize existing programs, expand our support base, and hopefully increase the number of associations in new regions of the world. We also plan to assist in the growth of study groups and attract more young people to the service of our Father.

One of the programs we plan to focus on is Global Seeding which supports local, regional, and national associations in their efforts to provide books to study groups, provide support materials to teachers and organizers, attend national and local book fairs, undertake library placement programs, and make books available to bookstores in isolated regions where commercial distribution is not available. Funds directed to this program provide financial support for these projects which are designed to spread The Urantia Book and its teachings.

We will also focus on providing assistance to our numerous national and local associations around the world. We will promote meetings of the local leaders and teachers where strategies and programs can be discussed, and provide training aimed at fostering a deeper sense of global organization while serving the revelation.

Your Help is Needed

To continue these exciting plans, we again count on the generosity of our traditional donors. Now more than ever, we invite and encourage all our members, associations, and friends of the revelation to become a donor.

Our heart felt thanks to all the volunteers who have dedicated their time and expertise to help us to accomplish our goals. Your precious availability and efforts are what makes our task easier and more feasible. God bless you all.

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In appreciation of their support for Urantia Association and our activities in 2021, we wish to thank the following contributors. Names posted with permission. Not all contributors are listed.

  • Amazon Smile, United States
  • Sally Bedell Annabella, United States
  • Joao Frederico Abbott Galvao, Jr., Brazil
  • Jean-Luc Amblet, Switzerland
  • Paul D. Anderson, United States
  • Holly Arvanites, United States
  • Jean Ascher, Denmark
  • Larry Austin, United States
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  • Carol Cannon, United States
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  • James Holte, United States
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  • Marian and Matthew Hughes, United States
  • Gard and Florence Jameson, United States
  • Nathen Jansen, Canada
  • Richard Jernigan, United States
  • Jesusonian Foundation, United States
  • Bruce Johnson, United States
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  • Harry Kirk, United States
  • Raymond Klebba, United States
  • Mark and Karen Kurtz, United States
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