2018 Annual Report

Highlights: Personal Testimonials

The many people working within Urantia Association International derive great satisfaction when they discover their efforts have not been in vain. Those of us who have begun the spiritual journey have experienced the mental conflicts, personal struggles, and possible dissension it may cause among our peers and our families. But such is the power of the spirit within that, when we sincerely seek the truth, it never fails to answer.

Several such moving stories recently came to us from Mexico:

Norma Angelica Perez Arteaga a woman who describes herself as a fifty-year-old housewife living in Mexico City says:

I had wandered away from God; I was living without him. It was a very tough time in my life; I felt a terrible emptiness, as if I did not exist. At that moment, I got closer to the Father and asked him to forgive me. I was truly sincere in my communication with him. And then I had a wonderful experience–I felt an immense and overflowing happiness. Soon after, I felt I needed to know more about God and that I should do something to discover him. At that moment, I got closer to the Father and asked him to forgive me. I was truly sincere in my communication with him. And then I had another wonderful experience–I felt an immense and overflowing happiness, which many of you possibly have also felt! Then I remembered The Urantia Book that some time ago was lent to me, so I asked my neighbor to give me the book again. That is how I started reading the book.

“Since the book reached my hands, I knew this revelation really came from God. The book confirmed my own convictions about the truth, and thanks to the Father I have experienced a beautiful personal transformation that fills me with great joy.

“I am deeply grateful to Urantia Association for their steady work; they do not cease to serve everyone. The Association conducts workshops on the second Saturday of every month, and on the fourth Saturday of every month they organize conferences—all about The Urantia Book—which I love, and even though it lasts four hours, I do not feel the passing of time. Those are the happiest hours in my life! I consider the work of the Association excellent because they address The Urantia Book topics with great clarity, and the Governing Board has a genuine interest in our learning progress.”

Martin Guzman who recounts his early struggles and difficulties in his initial encounter with The Urantia Book says:

One day, after my newborn baby girl died, in my despair I felt a great need to ask for help. I locked myself in my bedroom to cry, and then I begged with all my soul to God, asking him for a sign of his existence. I said, ‘God, if you exist, I thank you for allowing me to know my daughter; please take good care of her. Help me, if you exist, I want to know you.’ Fifteen days later, I found an article in a magazine, written by Antonio Moya, a Spanish researcher of spiritual deceptions, in which he spoke about a revelation called The Urantia Book. At first, it was difficult for me to accept the book, because its content ran counter to my beliefs, and one day, I angrily decided to destroy it. At that moment, a thought stopped me, ‘There it is what you asked for, take it or leave it!’ Then I decided to leave behind everything I was taught and began to read the book.

“At first, as I was a skeptic, I said to myself, ‘I have to catch this book in some lie.’ Finally, it turned out that the book caught me because, through my life experiences, I understood that what we read in the book is true. When I consecrated my life to the Father, I began to really understand the book. What gives it more credibility is my personal experience in my relationship with God and the Spirit of Truth.

The Urantia Book teachings have changed my life completely. In it, I found the answers I was looking for. And the spiritual meditation of communion with the Father gave sense to my life.”

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