Book Fairs & Expos

PWR3 2009Book fairs and expos offer a proven and effective method for sharing The Urantia Book with the public. They are well attended globally and can be easily organized and managed by a small group of readers. Book shows are unique opportunities for team building while they stimulate an awareness of The Urantia Book and allow the teachings to be shared in a personal way.

While Urantia Foundation maintains a professional presence in the commercial book trade, Urantia Association book fair presentations are typically geared for the consumer or librarians. In this way the general public can see and hear the name Urantia in a friendly and casual atmosphere while discovering the book’s teachings and meeting with people who have been inspired by them.

There are many book fairs every year on every continent, each with a unique theme. Some are appropriate venues for The Urantia Book’s message of spiritual rejuvenation. Wise preparation for book fairs is essential and conferring with experienced presenters develops good practices. Feel free to contact Urantia Association for our policies and referrals to book fair veterans.

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