Organizational Structure

Urantia Association International is a grass roots membership organization; its goals are achieved at the local level of the National and Local Associations which are composed of Urantia Book readers worldwide.

The Central Administration of the Association is comprised of a Representative Council (RC), an International Service Board (ISB), a Judicial Commission, and the Executive Director.

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A National Association has at least thirty members and a Local Association at least ten.

The Representative Council is comprised of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the National Associations and acts as the legislative branch of Urantia Association.

The International Service Board (ISB) functions as the executive branch and conducts the daily business of the Association.

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The Judicial Commission provides fair and just means for dispute resolution and assists members and constituent associations in interpreting the Association’s governing documents.

The Executive Director executes the daily administrative functions of Urantia Association.

A reader of The Urantia Book becomes a member of Urantia Association by joining either a National or Local Association that serves their region.

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A person may join the Association as a member-at-large if no Local or National Association exists in his or her area.

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Urantia Association International is governed by the Charter & Bylaws and supports The Declaration of Trust Creating Urantia Foundation.