2nd National Meeting – Urantia Association of Ecuador

October 6-8, 2018

The Urantia Association of Ecuador (AUEC) will be presenting its second national conference for readers of The Urantia Book in Casa Ballenita San Fernando.

The theme will be “A Spiritual Experience on Urantia.”

We will be addressing a variety of topics such as getting to know other readers of The Urantia Book, exchanging experiences with one another, exploring answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, achieving new spiritual experiences, and practicing to live in the here-and-now.

A tour on the beautiful peninsula will be included in the programming.


The total conference cost is USD$100 which is made up of $70 for lodging for 3 days and 2 nights and includes conference materials and the tour, and a $30 registration fee.

Venue Details

Casa Ballenita San Fernando
Av Segunda S/N y Calle Séptima Diagonal al Colegio Sanchez Bruno
Phone number: 042444853
Mobile number: 0939726022, 0986563978-0999317075
Website: http://www.casaballenita.ec


To register contact either:

Sandra Naranjo
Cellphone: +593 998880692
[email protected]


Enfrain Vivanco
Cellphone: +593 992738562
[email protected]

You will need to deposit USD$100 into Sandra Naranjo’s savings account: account number #30443556 and identification card 0908773237 via Banco de Guayaquil.

Note: Please register before 6 October, 2018 and send a confirmation of your payment to Sandra Naranjo via WhatsApp +593998880692 or email at [email protected]

Link to PDF poster