2nd European Urantia Conference

2nd European Urantia Conference – Tallinn, Estonia

Dear Urantia Book Readers,

We are pleased to announce the 2nd European Urantia Conference that’s being held in Tallinn, Estonia, 11 – 14 July, 2019.

The theme of the conference is: “Sowing Seeds– Qualitative Internal and Quantitative External Growth” and we will be focused on how we can grow internally in spirit and externally in numbers. We welcome readers from all over the world.

On the Friday and Sunday the program will concentrate on spiritual growth potentials; on Saturday the focus will be on growing the numbers of readers. We will present experiences from different countries in Europe and other continents, examining what they have done to find new readers and to form new study groups.

Following these presentations, our workshops will focus on developing new plans to attract readers.  Workshops will be organized into smaller language groups.


The Estonian Urantia Association (Eesti Urantia Assotsiatsioon – EUA) will be hosting this conference, which will take place at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia. The main language spoken during the conference will be English, but If your native language is not English and it is difficult for you to understand it, you should know that we plan to translate all presentations into several different languages (depending on how many volunteer translators we find) and have them available at the beginning of the conference as printed text.


The conference website can be found at: www.urantia.ee/conference2019/ and will give you further information about the program, registration, pricing for the event and reservation of your hotel room. In the upcoming months more information will be available on the website.


Start planning your trip now to attend this conference and explore the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe – Tallinn, boasting Gothic spires, winding cobblestone streets and enchanting architecture.

Sign up for this beautiful event and receive an Early Bird discount of €60 if you register before the 1st of March 2019.

Click on the following link www.urantia.ee/conference2019/ to register for the event and to book your room.

Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel  

Sadama 11A
10111 Tallinn
+372 630 1000
Website hotel
Email: [email protected]
Google Maps: click here

Please book your hotel room yourself. You can do it by email: [email protected]

(Do not book your hotel before you have got registration confirmation with password by email. Password will give you special price in Tallink Hotels!)

Call for Action

So we may reach Urantia Book readers from all over the world, we ask if you would please share this announcement with readers in your country and help us to promote it on your local websites and social media.

On behalf of the Estonian Urantia Association (EUA) and the organizing team for this conference, I look forward to meeting you and offering you a warm welcome.

With best regards,

Karmo Kalda
Vice President of the Estonian Urantia Association (EUA)
[email protected]

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Note: This conference is sponsored by Urantia Association International, Urantia Foundation and Truthbook and hosted by the Estonian Urantia Association.