Animating the Human Mind with Cosmic Software

Nigel has a lovely way of making something rather complex into something accessible and understandable for the average mortal. His explanation of how the seven adjutants prepare our minds for the subsequent indwelling of our Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth was really helpful to me. As children of the information age, the world of computers offers us many metaphors that can help us grasp the processes of this “mind arena of choice” (page 1271:0). I kind of see the human brain as being the ‘hardware’ that the Life Carriers have laboured for millions of years to perfect. For any hardware to work, it must be capable of detecting, receiving, and processing the ‘software’ that animates it. In our case, that software begins as a fundamental operating system…the seven adjutants…circuits radiating a level of consciousness from the Divine Minister throughout the local universe, animating biochemical hardware that is capable of responding to their rhythmic pulsations (page 402:1). Without a properly functioning operating system, a computer is not capable of performing the higher functions encoded within more sophisticated software. Likewise, we would not be able to make superior moral choices and participate in the worship of our heavenly Father…building a soul…were it not for the potential created by the mind circuits of our local universe Mother Spirit.

Another metaphor that helps me to understand this amazing process is the common radio receiver. It is a box that sits in our homes or pockets that is capable of receiving and when animated, emitting intelligent data. No matter how fancy the box is, no matter how faithful the speakers and amplifiers are for reproducing sound, it will forever be mute unless it has a receiver that is capable of being tuned into the broadcast signal. It appears that the cerebral cortex is the latest hardware that humans possess that enables them to detect the rhythmic pulsations of wisdom and worship. Our neocortex enables us to literally think about our thinking, be aware of our awareness, or be conscious of our consciousness (ie. superconsciousness) (page 1435:1). We have the right machinery and the right software to develop the three cosmic intuitions, the basic platform from which we can make choices. And then at the tender age of 5 or 6, our Father downloads the ultimate programme, our Thought Adjuster (P.1187:0), which can only be accessed at the superconscious level (page 1203:3), and can only adjust our thinking if we already possess the right operating system humming along nicely.

So what does that make the Spirit of Truth?…an augmentor?..a transformer? (page 1609:5)…it seems to enable us to do something that psychology can’t even begin to explain. Facts and reason become truth…an inner realization or experience of higher reality that goes beyond words…the perfect complement to the Thought Adjuster. From the point of view of mainstream psychology, this is pretty radical stuff! Mind…consciousness being animated from an external source? I wonder if they will ever invent a super MRI machine that will be able to detect the seven adjutants. I guess not and that is why all of this has had to be revealed to us.