Call for Workshop Proposals

National Conference and Summer Study Session

Jesus, the Master Teacher

June 9 – 12, 2016

San Antonio, Texas

Jointly Sponsored by Urantia Association of the United States (UAUS), The Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Foundation 

Call for Proposals

Workshops and Plenaries

It is the intention of the Joint Program Planning Committee to implement the goal of nurturing the pursuit of wisdom through intensive study of the teachings of The Urantia Book and encouraging and supporting the spiritual growth of our brothers and sisters. We urge presenters to use the conference theme to reflect strong principles of education and learning.

The workshops and plenary presentations shall reflect this year’s theme, “Jesus, the Master Teacher.Please consider proposing a workshop or plenary talk that emphasizes how Jesus taught and how he led his followers. 

To be considered as a workshop presenter or plenary speaker, please complete the formal application in this package and return it by February 29th, 5 pm EST, to Mahtab Tehrani, [email protected]. All applications will be considered and incomplete applications will be returned. Further guidance is provided herein.

Please choose one of the following suggested sub-themes or suggest a sub-theme that can be directly aligned accordingly:

  • Principle Purposes of the Bestowal
  • Jesus’ Methods of Organization
  • Jesus’ Teaching Methods, Teaching Styles, Teaching Techniques
  • How Jesus Taught the Multitudes
  • How Jesus Taught the Individual: Discerning the Individual’s Need
  • How Jesus Taught the Apostles, Disciples, Women’s Corps, and Messengers
  • The Teaching of Jesus’ Family
  • Teaching the Teacher: How Jesus Taught the Apostles and Disciples to Teach
  • The Evolution of Jesus’ Teaching Approach
  • As You Pass By: Applying Jesus’ Teachings in Our Daily Lives
  • Disseminating Jesus’ Teachings Today
  • Revelatory Learning


Workshops will be offered in 1.5, 1.45, and 2-hour periods in the mornings and afternoons.  Please plan to devote at least half of your workshop time to group discussion/activities that relate to your topic.


Plenary presentations are scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  There are currently open plenary spots available for up to 45 minutes each (except for Sunday, where the time slot is 1 hour).


Worship services will be offered daily. We are currently seeking volunteers to organize a worship program for all participants. If you are interested in serving, please contact Mahtab Tehrani at [email protected] no later than February 29th, 5 pm EST.

Other considerations when presenting:

  • What methods of teaching and presentation will you use, and how will you structure your presentation?
  • How will you organize your material and how much time will be used for each segment?
  • How will you integrate group discussion and/or group activities related to your topic?
  • What are your desired objectives and outcomes for your participants? What will they learn and take with them? If there is only one thing they remember a year from now, what will it be?
  • While ancillary topics can be appropriate, nevertheless, we intentionally aim to maintain our focus on the Fifth Epochal Revelation itself.
  • Please consider for what level of learner your proposed presentation would be appropriate.

As you develop your ideas, keep in mind the possibility of repeating and evolving the presentation for use at future conferences and/or study sessions that you or others could lead. For your consideration, below is a link to education resources that may be helpful in the design and preparation of your presentation:

If you have any questions regarding proposal submissions, please contact Mahtab Tehrani at [email protected]. 

Click here for the application