11th Brazilian National Meeting of Urantia Book Readers

Brazilian National Meeting image-Jun-16.docxThe number of rooms available in the hotel is limited, so if you want to participate, please register as soon as possible.


No later than 31 July 2016
Single: $ 28.00
Double: $ 50.00 (Only for couples)

Early Registrations

Before 30 June 2016 SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 30%
Single: $ 20.00
Double: $ 36.00 (Only for couples)
Triple: $53.00 (Only for members of the same family)

Payment Method

Bank deposit to the account:
CNPJ: 07.556.374/0001-37,
Agency: 1057,
C/C: 687-2,
Operation: 003

Once the deposit is made, please send an email to: [email protected] with a copy of the receipt for purposes of identification and registration.

Note: Free registration for children! Click on the values to pay lower registration prices.

Find further details and information at: www.urantia.com.br/loja or http://www.urantia.com.br/encontro.html

Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations should be made directly with the hotel at +55 11 4693 1894, during business hours. Please email Mr. Jeferson at: [email protected]

See details about the hotel in the website: http://www.valedosonho.tur.br

If you have any questions please contact any of our associates:
Enrique – Phone/WhatsApp: +55 (41) 9979-0902
Cesar – Phone/WhatsApp: +55 (54) 9151-1786
Stella – Phone/WhatsApp: +55 (51) 81241384 ou (011) 99226-2513
Suely – Phone/WhatsApp: +55 (41) 9912-4848